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BlueJeans Video Conferencing Bridge

Typically offered by a service provider, a conference bridge facilitates an audio-only or video call between a group of three or more people, often using different conferencing systems. Participants are connected to others in a virtual meeting room via the conference bridge. The conference bridge makes this conferencing session possible by simultaneously facilitating multi-participant connections.

How Does BlueJeans Video Conferencing Bridge Work?

Thanks to the BlueJeans cloud-based meetings platform, users can connect with colleagues regardless of the system they’re using. There's no need to invest in costly MCU bridges or hardware gateways – BlueJeans spans traditional endpoints, software clients, and mobile devices to automatically connect users on a single platform.

BlueJeans Modernizes Collaboration

While traditional video conferencing platforms involve expensive equipment, slow connection times and disparate systems, today’s meeting technology raises the standard by connecting participants with a single click to a shared platform. Providing a simple meeting experience, with nothing to download, BlueJeans takes conference bridge technology to the next level.

A Complete Video Conferencing Bridge for Business

Online video conferencing featuring easy-to-use, integrated video and audio is increasingly practical in the business world where remote work and maximizing meeting outcomes are commonplace. BlueJeans video conferencing lets people join a dynamic communication experience featuring Dolby Voice, screen sharing, meeting transcription, and meeting recording.

Screen Sharing in Enterprise Environment

Sharing Content & Ideas

Along with faster, flexible communication, BlueJeans video conferencing also enables seamless distribution of content. BlueJeans makes remote presentations, collaborative projects, and hands-on training sessions just as effective as they are in person. When sharing content, BlueJeans’ Firewall / NAT traversal and encryption gives businesses privacy and peace of mind.
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Software Stack Consolidation

A staple of workplace communication, video conferencing software helps make remote work viable while giving businesses the flexibility to scale and integrate with a variety of online meeting tools, calendars, and collaboration software. Whether users join from a smartphone, laptop, or conference room, the BlueJeans video conference bridge supports face-to-face collaboration that’s just as effective as meeting in-person.

Ready to try your own video conferencing bridge?

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