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Video Calling Software

Video calling is the next wave of enterprise-grade collaboration for enhancing interactive, one-to-one, and group meetings.

More than ever, enterprise companies have a workforce that’s globally distributed. This makes group video calling software a tremendous tool for enterprises wanting to conveniently connect their workforce and streamline daily conversations across locations. Desktop and mobile video conferencing have proven to be extremely effective when messaging or emailing just isn’t enough.

Group Video Calls

The Video Call Evolution

In fact, many of today’s leading video calling apps, including Android video calls, are making group video calls as simple as making an audio call. Many video calling apps even have a feature offering one touch calling. If you want instant, face to face collaboration with colleagues, group video calling software is the way to go.

BlueJeans Microsoft Gateway Video Calling Software

Experience a Breakthrough with BlueJeans Video Calls

BlueJeans is one of the leading cloud-based, online video calling services that also provides video call interoperability between multiple vendor technologies and devices. This means making one-on-one or group video calls on laptops, tablets, and smartphones has never been easier.

Unlike most services, BlueJeans breaks through the enterprise infrastructure deployment barrier by letting anyone with an internet connection, and a video-enabled device, host or join a group video call. For instance, Microsoft Teams users can connect to video meetings in conference rooms outfitted with various multi-party hardware. 

Conference Room Video Calls

Get More Done on Every Video Call

When every minute counts, BlueJeans video calling software makes the most of it. Boost productivity and maximize your meeting time with software that offers you:

• Immediate access to room-based video systems and connected video callers anywhere
• Seamless connectivity for Microsoft Teams users in a room-based video conferencing infrastructure with no additional hardware needed
• High definition video call image quality and easy screen sharing
• Single sign-on and identity verification for video calling access
• Simple, cloud-based service for easier communication and increased productivity

Simplify your video calls with BlueJeans

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