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Online Meeting Screen Sharing Software

BlueJeans online meeting screen sharing software can improve productivity, participation, and increase the effectiveness of your video conferences.

In today's online meetings, screen sharing within a video conference is vital. Not only does it allow meeting attendees to transfer videos, still images and PowerPoint presentations, but it eliminates the need for participants to download anything prior to the meeting. Screen sharing software also allows every attendee to see one or more visual aids simultaneously, allowing the host to continue presenting seamlessly.

Screen Sharing in Enterprise Environment

Screen Sharing Benefits All Types of Users

The advantages of screen sharing go beyond the boardroom. Instant viewing of files is incredibly useful for IT departments providing remote support. When customers can directly share experiences from their screens, specialists can promptly diagnose the issue without waiting on emails or traveling onsite.

Online meeting screen sharing also benefits those who are training and teaching. By offering real-time examples to students, institutions can enhance the learning experience. Students can learn the same subjects as their peers by virtually attending live lectures or retrieving them for easy playback.

Remote users managing multiple machines on a single network can also benefit from screen sharing software. Whether personal or business, any user can find real value in sharing screens.

BlueJeans Online Meeting Screen Sharing

Maximizing Your BlueJeans Screen Sharing Experience

The best screen sharing experience starts with an understanding of how screen sharing works within a video conference. Before the meeting, it helps to send tutorial information to attendees, so they can maximize their experience. Attendees should know which portions of their screens are visible to other attendees, so they can prepare their screens for optimal viewing.

When hosting a meeting, ask attendees who are presenting to ensure they are ready to share their screens. This helps avoid screen sharing of unintended or confidential information. Prior to meeting, it may be worthwhile to meet with presenters and practice transitioning from one screen to another.

Basic screen sharing etiquette also includes reminding attendees that the items intended for sharing should be appropriate. This includes removing email compositions or chat windows, as the screen to be shared must be ready at any moment, but it depends on your screen sharing protocol.

Sharing Screen in Presentation

Increase Participation with Screen Sharing

Control of the meeting screen can be granted to anyone in attendance. When this happens, anyone can comment or recommend changes to documents and presentations. Online meeting screen sharing offers more refined collaboration and higher quality results.

There’s no better way to encourage a positive and exciting team environment than with video conferencing. And, there's no faster way to implement your team's ideas than using screen sharing software. Use modern, online meeting screen sharing to tighten your marketing plan, solidify goals, and foster collaboration.

Start Screen Sharing for More Productive Meetings

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