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Video Conferencing for Android

As Android continues to increase its US smartphone market share, organizations are looking to deploy an enterprise-level, mobile Android video conferencing solution. The BlueJeans mobile video conferencing app for Android allows you to use your Android phone or tablet to join a virtual meeting or connect to a large company event such as a town hall.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing for Android: Galaxy Fold Android

Meet Anytime, Anywhere with Video Conferencing for Android

Can’t travel to work, but have an important meeting? When sickness or distance make it impossible to meet in-person, you can still participate using mobile video conferencing as long as you have internet access. With the help of the Android video conferencing app from BlueJeans, Android users won't miss an important meeting again.

Use any Android phone or tablet to enter BlueJeans video conferences, whether other attendees are using a different mobile device, laptop or conference room system. BlueJeans video conferencing for Android supports better communication as well as easy collaboration, thanks to modern content sharing features. 

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Using BlueJeans Video Conferencing on Android

Want an easy way to connect to a BlueJeans meeting using your Android device? Download the video conferencing app for Android from the Google Play Store and click the icon to begin. Verified BlueJeans account holders can log in and immediately start a personal meeting. If you don't already have a BlueJeans account, you can start a free trial

Join a meeting in progress or, using a moderator passcode, start moderating a meeting that you previously scheduled. Click the Meetings tab to view a list of all your scheduled meetings and simply click on a meeting to join. Attendees without BlueJeans accounts can join a BlueJeans meeting as a participant by entering the meeting ID, passcode and their name.

BlueJeans mobile video conferencing enables face-to-face interaction and collaboration. Once you're in the meeting, you will see other participants as well as a self-view window at the bottom of your screen. Intuitive audio and video controls let you mute, change the meeting layout, switch camera direction or end the meeting. Rich content sharing is also available for attendees. Dual stream support allows simultaneous screen sharing with video feed. Using the tilt feature, users can rotate their Android device screen to expand the view.


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Highly scalable infrastructure

The ideal mobile video conferencing solution should be able to connect to multiple, distributed endpoints. BlueJeans allows up to 100 endpoints in a single meeting. A cloud-based solution, it cost-effectively scales according to demand

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Consistent quality performance

Public internet connections and mobile networks can be very unreliable, negating video meeting quality. BlueJeans Android video conferencing technology ensures great meeting experiences every time, delivering HD quality data, even over 5G/LTE networks.

Room System Compatibility

Compatible with room systems

Many organizations already have room-based video conferencing systems and often keep these investments for strategic reasons. This makes it very important to choose a mobile video conferencing solution that integrates room endpoints allowing office-based workforces to meet virtually using technology already in place.

Device Agnostic

Works with a range of mobile devices

Many companies allow employees to use their own devices for work. In a mixed and multi-device environment or with a distributed workforce, it’s impossible for IT staff to identify every endpoint that could connect to a video meeting. The BlueJeans video conferencing app for Android supports different mobile devices to ensure all participants can access meetings using their preferred device.

Try a mobile meeting

Start a free trial and download our app to join a meeting from your Android device.