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Group Collaboration

The BlueJeans video conferencing platform is ideal for team, project, and group collaboration. BlueJeans puts group collaboration first by letting you screen share multimedia files or documents, give presentations, review spreadsheets, and work smarter with access to the latest collaboration tools.


Quick Access

BlueJeans supports group collaboration across laptops, desktops, room systems, and mobile devices. Our cloud-based platform requires no additional hardware purchases or installation, and offers multi-platform support with a unified suite of collaboration tools.

By enhancing your existing hardware MCU set-up, BlueJeans supports video meetings or web conferences through H.323 room systems, like Cisco and Polycom. Remote workers, offices, or clients can easily connect through video clients – including Skype for Business, iOS and Android apps, or web browsers. With simple meeting access for everyone, host multi-party, group collaboration with up to 100 endpoints per video meeting. This makes BlueJeans ideal for intra-global projects and committee meetings – any type of team collaboration.

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Simple To Use

Today’s meetings software – like BlueJeans – is designed to work like an app: clean, familiar, and simple. To access BlueJeans and start your team collaboration, all you need is an internet connection and a video-enabled device. Most laptops come with built-in microphones and webcams, but you may need to purchase these for your computer if you plan to use it to access BlueJeans.

Our video tutorials and help guides make transitioning to BlueJeans easy. Learn how to enter a meeting room, join a conference, or navigate the sharing tab. We’ll show you how to connect to BlueJeans using a web browser, H.323 room system, or telephone (audio-only). With Dolby audio and HD video merged with BlueJeans team collaboration tools, users can experience superior business video conferencing.

Feature Highlight


Screen Sharing

With BlueJeans, any user can share content directly from their desktop or mobile device. When it comes to team collaboration software, this feature is in high demand. Group collaboration is simpler when everyone has the information and details they need, whether it’s a document, image, spreadsheet, or presentation. Using screen-sharing allows you to present your information while also watching your audience's reaction. Collect feedback, ask or take questions as you go and make your video meeting or webinar more productive and efficient.


Real-Time Video Sharing

In addition, users can upload and share a video to play simultaneously for participants. This feature benefits colleagues, clients and vendors who cannot attend in person. With synchronous viewing, you can play, rewind, pause and fast forward the video. When showing a commercial, product demonstration, trailer, audition, or training video, you’ll receive immediate feedback. While BlueJeans provides up to 50GB of video storage, additional storage is available for purchase

Additional Group Collaboration Benefits

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Businesses of all sizes are benefitting from BlueJeans video conferencing and online collaboration tools. In addition to enhancing group collaboration, it is an ideal platform for HR interviews, sales pitches, and smaller group or committee meetings. Regardless of meeting size, all video conference users will benefit from the personal contact while enjoying easy content sharing.


If you are hosting an online meeting, inviting attendees is easy. A simple, click-to-join email invitation takes attendees directly into the online meeting. Once there, you can use screen sharing to keep your participants engaged. Share numerous items or present from your desktop while looking at your audience. Watching your audience lets you gauge their reactions and gain feedback, which is a huge component of product development.

Cloud Recording - Streaming

As a bonus, you can easily record and review your meetings with BlueJeans’ free basic recording service. The audio, video, along with any shared content can be saved for future reference or sharing. For additional team collaboration software features, such as unlimited storage and online playback, consider upgrading to Enhanced Recording.

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Live, personal interaction boosts productivity, efficiency, and performance. Relying on emails and audio-only calls may leave others confused about your tone or message. Digital video conferencing makes group collaboration easier, more efficient and clearer. BlueJeans video meetings help ensure that everyone receives information, while keeping team members engaged.

Try BlueJeans. It's simple

Experience meetings with HD video and Dolby Voice audio. Your meetings have never been this productive.