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BlueJeans Virtual Meeting Features

Boost team collaboration and productivity with a video conferencing platform that features brilliant audio and video capabilities — as natural as meeting face-to-face.

BlueJeans Meetings delivers an unparalleled online meeting and video conferencing experience with crystal clear audio powered by Dolby Voice®. With your everyday collaboration and calendaring tools integrated with BlueJeans, remote workers can easily communicate as if they were meeting in person.

BlueJeans Virtual Background

Virtual Backgrounds

Transform your background into a unique surrounding of your choice. Blur your background or add a custom image to eliminate possible distractions during video meetings.

Smart Meeting Video Conferencing Feature

Record Your Meeting and Never Miss a Beat!

Recording a meeting can make engagements faster and significantly more productive since you can focus on the content and not worry about notetaking. Record video meetings and share them for the convenience of on-demand viewers.

BlueJeans Secure Video Conference Features

Secure Your Conversations

Waiting Room – Prevent unwanted guests from joining a virtual meeting with waiting room features at the click of a button. 
Screen Sharing Controls – Manage who can share content in any meeting by enabling moderator controls. 
Keep your conversations secure with Restricted Meetings and by having all content in transit encrypted using AES-256 GCM.

Mobile Video Conferencing Feature

Mobile Devices and Browsers

BlueJeans’ award-winning, browser-based video conferencing delivers an experience that pushes the boundaries of web-based conferencing. 
BlueJeans Mobile Video Conferencing App provides a powerful, fully-featured solution on iOS and Android devices that includes safe driving mode and intelligent bandwidth management for improved performance on the go.

Virtual Meeting Screen Sharing Features

Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitate interactive meetings by sharing your entire screen, specific applications, or videos. Annotation and whiteboarding are essential collaboration features that can help you reinforce a key point during a meeting or help you launch into an ad hoc brainstorming session.

BlueJeans Virtual Meetings including Dolby Voice

Dolby Voice

Dolby Voice delivers incredibly powerful noise suppression, spatial audio profiling, and dynamic level adjustments to ensure the only thing the audience hears is the speaker’s crisp voice, and not everything around them. 

Video Conferencing Transcription Feature


BlueJeans offers an inclusive design to ensure the accessibility needs of all customers are met. Closed Captioning and Real-Time Transcription enable users to track every conversation in their meeting by displaying on-screen dialogue and capturing complete transcripts that are preserved for future reference and sharing.

Reaction Controls for Video Meetings

Engaging Meeting Experiences 

Boost collaboration in large meetings with non-verbal acknowledgments like clap, thumbs up, celebrate, and smile. Interactive Video Tiles allow meeting participants to click on an attendee’s tile to choose from a range of options to better control the overall meeting experience. 

BlueJeans Command Center

Command Center

Establish a proactive management posture by leveraging Command Center’s comprehensive performance dashboards and analytics to monitor and respond to issues before they become problems.

BlueJeans Virtual Meeting Features - App Integrations

App Integrations

BlueJeans integrates seamlessly with industry-leading apps including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook to enhance overall workflow productivity.

Video Meeting Customer Support Feature

Customer Support & Success

Every BlueJeans video conferencing plan features access to technical support from our video and networking experts. BlueJeans Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans include priority 24 x 7 support, enterprise branding, unlimited recording and reporting features, and a dedicated customer success manager for effective virtual meetings.

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