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Conference Call Software

Traditional conference calling services tend to be complicated and time consuming, often getting in the way of productivity. Today’s conference call software solves these problems by making meetings seamless to join and accessible to a greater number of users, improving productivity and supporting better meeting outcomes.

Cloud-delivered, conference call software is easy to deploy for businesses of any size. There’s nothing for users to download and no passcodes required. SaaS-based conference calling also integrates with popular calendar platforms, productivity tools, and legacy room systems, while providing attendees instant connectivity via smartphones and mobile devices. Above all, today’s conference call software is fast, reliable, and simple to use. Its intuitive nature, easy join, and high-quality video and audio, make for highly productive and effective collaboration between individuals and groups no matter where they are or what device they use.


How Do Conference Calls Work?

Conference calls are designed to promote collaboration between colleagues, whether they are in the office, working from home, or on-the-go. A conference call should be easy-to-join, provide high quality video and audio, and support dynamic collaboration–on any device. That’s what modern conference calling software offers. On the other hand, traditional conference calling systems are often a hassle to join, typically requiring users to dial in and enter a passcode. Some platforms require large investments, ongoing software updates, and additional hardware installation. Accessing these solutions can also be problematic for users, requiring frequent customer support calls and IT troubleshooting.


BlueJeans Conference Calling

BlueJeans provides affordable, cloud-delivered conference call software that’s scalable, so you only pay for the licenses you need. The BlueJeans software platform supports browser-based meetings with WebRTC, offers a mobile conference call and desktop app with intuitive controls that get attendees into meetings faster, while providing HD video and Dolby audio. Since BlueJeans prides itself on effortless collaboration and unrivaled access, your in-house and remote teams will stay focused with features like screen sharing, meeting recording, workplace tool and calendar integration, and smart meeting highlights. As your business grows, BlueJeans makes upgrading simple.

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Steps for Making a BlueJeans Conference Call

Thanks to BlueJeans, conducting a conference call is easy, effective, and affordable–with nothing to download. Cloud-delivered, conference call software, the BlueJeans platform supports multi-party meetings using any video enabled device (such as a smartphone, desktop, or room system) or audio-only endpoint. So, how do you make a conference call?

• Login to your BlueJeans account
• Invite participants to your meeting – participants receive an email with a link to join
• Select your connection type
• Control your meeting with easy-to-use features, including transcription, content sharing, recording, and more

Conference Call Software
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