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BlueJeans Meetings+ with Owl Labs

Purchase 3 Enterprise Meetings Licenses and receive a free Meeting Owl Pro

BlueJeans Meetings+ with Owl Labs

Hardware and software bundled together for a low monthly cost to one single vendor. Outfit your home office or your entire enterprise with our Meetings+ options.

  • 3 Enterprise Meetings Licenses
  • 1 OWL Labs Meeting OWL Pro
  • Warranty and Support

$29.99 a month*

*Only available in the United States.

Enterprise Meetings Features

  • Host up to 200 Participants
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Automated Closed Captioning
  • Real-Time Transcription
  • Conference Room Connector 
  • Command Center Live 
  • Brand Customization 
  • Plans available for up to 50 hosts
BlueJeans Meetings Plus Owl Pro - Employees in Conference Room

    Meeting Owl Pro Specs

    • Custom 360 degree panoramic, fish-eye cameras
    • 1080p HD video output
    • 8-Omni directional beam-forming microphones
    • 18 foot audio pick up
    • Three built-in speakers for 360 degree coverage for clear in-room audio
    • Connect multiple Owls together for larger room sizes