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Virtual Training with BlueJeans Events

Invite your entire company or smaller teams to interactive training sessions with BlueJeans Events. Host engaging video presentations for internal education, sales enablement, or corporate compliance with participants located anywhere in the world. Get everyone on the same page with an easy-to-use video streaming platform that allows you to focus on your content and answer questions on the fly.

What is virtual training?

Virtual training refers to an online teaching and learning experience where an instructor or subject matter expert educates a group of employees and stakeholders from a remote location. Unlike a traditional classroom setting, participants access the training from home offices, business campuses, or through a mobile experience.

BlueJeans Events serves as an interactive training software platform powering large-scale, collaborative video learning for up to 50,000 participants from any place they wish to join.

Virtual Training

Multi-Presenter Panel

Keep your audience engaged with up to 150 on-camera speakers who can trade off training to capture and retain attention. Customizable video layouts also allow up to 9 people to appear on screen at once or select from active speaker and recent speaker displays.

Online Training Session

Scalable Interactivity

Answer questions and address comments in real time with chat, polling, Q&A, and audience ‘raise hand’ to resemble an on-site training session. Interactive training software helps you manage all inquiries from a comprehensive moderator dashboard, offering visibility into communications with your attendees and speakers.

BlueJeans Interactive Training Software

Content Sharing and Media Uploads

Make your training content resonate with the audience by sharing your entire screen or applications like PowerPoint and Excel. Have pre-recorded video content? Simply upload in advance and push live to your audience during the virtual training. 


Start using virtual training today

Whether you're revving up your sales team for a new quarter, conducting an HR compliance seminar, or running a development training session, BlueJeans Events makes virtual training easier, faster, and more effective with interactive training solutions.