Maximizing the Impact of Your All-Hands Meetings

As businesses grow, they often rely on all-hands meetings to inform employees about company status and rally them around corporate culture and goals. Webcasting these live events through an interactive video platform can increase their impact for all attendees, wherever they are.

Turning to Live Video for All-Hands Meetings

If most of your team is local, it’s all too easy to forget about communicating with remote team members or individuals working from home, especially during all-hands meetings. Though they may dial into the all-hands meeting, for many, it still feels like they’re not really included. As leaders and executives speak, they are not able to hammer home certain key points because they can’t see and interact with many of their audience members. Unfortunately, this happens far too often. The time’s right to start running more efficient, dynamic all-hands meetings that truly engage you and your employees.

BlueJeans Primetime All-Hands Meeting

Take Your All-Hands Meetings to the Next Level  

Introducing live, interactive video or webcasts for your next all-hands meeting makes the whole experience more engaging, and inclusive, for remote attendees. Not only can leaders and executives see remote attendees face to face, they can easily become part of the conversation and naturally react to what’s being said. This makes the messages coming out of any all-hands meeting much more effective. You can even record the meeting for easy playback for those in alternate time zones.

The Right Technology for Your Next All-Hands Meeting

Getting the right video conferencing technology and understanding how to use it is one of the biggest factors for encouraging each attendee to not just listen/watch, but also participate. BlueJeans Primetime unlocks everything companies need for a simple, professional style all-hands meeting broadcast. Make every all-hands meeting a shared experience across the entire company that your employees will love. Try BlueJeans Primetime for free.