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Video Conferencing SDK from BlueJeans

Integrate high-performance video into your applications with the power, flexibility, and security of BlueJeans by Verizon’s best-in-class video conferencing capabilities.

Low-Code Video SDK Solutions for Developers

Take Your Apps to the Next Level

BlueJeans fully customizable video conferencing SDK introduces a variety of developer tools that make it easy to integrate best-in-class video capabilities directly into any web or mobile application.


Highly Flexible

BlueJeans offers client SDKs for developers to fully customize the BlueJeans experience and embed options for developers who are interested in more of a plug & play model.


Advanced Technology

BlueJeans is known for its premium video conferencing experience and highly secure meetings.  Now developers can build that same level of performance directly into their apps.


Use-Case Driven

The best apps help users solve real problems; so, we have designed our video SDK developer tools with specific use cases in mind to accelerate your development cycle.

Web Client Video SDK

Web Client SDK

When looking to fully customize BlueJeans within your web app, the Meetings Client SDK offers many features to ensure the experience matches your expectations. With options to control for video appearance, content sharing, and chat, developers are able to easily build out their optimal video integration.

Mobile Client Video SDK

Mobile Client SDK

BlueJeans offers both Android and iOS Client SDKs to allow developers to seamlessly bring the power of BlueJeans into their mobile apps natively. These video SDKs include additional functionality to support mobile-centric use cases where end users are in the field and require advanced functionality to collaborate with remote experts.

Video SDK for Web Embed

Web Embed SDK

BlueJeans Web Embed SDK provides developers with a low-code solution for bringing BlueJeans Meetings directly within any web application with minimal effort. This solution provides a quick and easy pathway for developers looking to integrate BlueJeans award-winning conferencing directly within their app without some of the layout options provided in the Client SDKs.

Product Spotlight: Telehealth

Embed BlueJeans Telehealth within Your Virtual Care Solution

The new BlueJeans Telehealth SDK makes it easy to integrate our patient-centric experience directly into your existing tools and workflow.

Build with Confidence

Key Video Conferencing SDK Features

Dolby Voice

Crystal-clear calls with spatial audio, industry-leading noise reduction, and dynamic volume leveling. 

HD Video

Sparkling HD video for immersive face-to-face calls and content sharing in up to 720p. 

Custom Layouts

Fully-flexible layout options enable developers to place attendees wherever they need to for the best experience.  

Attendee Lobby

Tailor the waiting room experience to accommodate for time-bound scenarios. 


Automate workflows and integrate 3rd party data sharing for pre, during, and post meeting experiences. 

Mobile Controls

Enable remote end-user access for activating camera zoom and lighting configurations.  

Customer Story

“From the development perspective, the APIs are very, very granular. Very easy to use. So you call the API, pull the data that you need, they’re very fast! And it’s over a secure connection.”
Frank Peluso Chief Technology Officer WITHmyDOC

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