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Blue Jeans Primetime
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Use Case: Interactive Speaking Events
Use Case: Large-scale Training & Collaboration
Use Case: Internal All-Hands & External Industry Events
"With over 3,000 yearly events, we have TEDx organizers in every corner of the globe. Online video is the perfect way for us to connect, and this tool is making it possible for us to do this in large groups like never before."

Alex Rudloff
Chief Digital Strategist
"We're excited to begin using Blue Jeans' Primetime solution to connect with thousands of participants simultaneously and discuss ways to drive decision-making across Red Hat in real-time."

Lee Congdon
"With Blue Jeans Primetime, we'll be able to connect and collaborate virtually and with a personal touch, allowing us to be inclusive at the scale of our growing business."

Zack Blum
IT Manager
Use Case: Internal All-Hands & External Industry Events
"We want to create unique experiences for our community that are not able to make it to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. This new Blue Jeans technology provides a platform to invite remote attendees into thought-provoking conversations in new and more interactive ways."
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Justin Simmons, Associate Director of Technology Services

Blue Jeans Primetime reimagines the world of online events by expanding Blue Jeans’ signature video collaboration service with scalable broadcasting capabilities. For the first time, selectively promote passive viewers to interactive participants from an audience of thousands with one click.

Go Big - Up to 100 interactive presenters and 1,000s of remote attendees

Role Switching - Seamlessly transition passive viewers to active participants

Anywhere, Any Device - View and interact from any room system, browser, or mobile device

Call the Shots - Share content and videos, monitor attendee participation with moderator controls

Primetime Invites Big Conversations In More Places

All Hands and Town Hall Meetings
Transition from few-to-many with an interactive, face-to-face experience when the time is right for attendees to offer feedback and ask questions.

Previews, Premieres, and Fan Events
Debut new content like movie clips and game trailers, or host Q&A with actors, producers and developers.

Product Launches
Introduce new products to large audiences and interact with press, analysts, fans, and customers over video.

Virtual Focus Groups
Share drawings, presentations and video clips of your concept and invite participants to express their reactions.

Interactive Lectures
Expand your audience for tech talks, medical findings, political campaigning. Invite viewers into the conversation for an engaging discussion.

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses)
Provide educational courses to students around the world. Two-way interactivity gives everyone controlled access to teachers and lecturers.

Easily Host Large-Scale, Interactive Events

With traditional online streaming, there’s a barrier between presenters and attendees. With Blue Jeans Primetime your video events become interactive, you extend the podium and give everyone a chance to "go live."

Join, View, Participate. From Anywhere.

Blue Jeans Primetime is a scalable, cloud-based platform that enables presenters to interact over video and stream their event to thousands of viewers. Present from a computer or a room system and watch or listen via desktop, mobile or room connection – providing access for everyone, no matter where they are.


A New Class Of Events Has Arrived

Blue Jeans Primetime makes self-service, collaborative events easy for organizers, presenters and attendees.

Ready to give Primetime a try?
We are currently inviting companies to try out our limited release of Blue Jeans Primetime. Our team of experts will help get you set up and assist in hosting your first event.

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