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Press Release - CommuniCloud partners with BlueJeans to offer industry first live video events platform

December 14, 2016 — Sydney, AustraliaBlueJeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video communication services, today announced a unique partnership with local video communications company, CommuniCloud.

The key driver behind the partnership is BlueJeans' Primetime Video platform, which reinvents town hall and all-hands meetings by blending the interactivity and engagement of a video meeting with the reach and quality of a broadcast event.

The platform is the first large-scale video event platform to give multiple participants the power to engage in live conversations with thousands of viewers. Its capabilities include:

  • Role Switching: Attendees enter the event in view-only mode, and can virtually raise their hand and be “promoted" to actively engage with the presenters, ask questions, or become part of a panel and contribute to the conversation.
  • Present or View from Any Device: Presenters and attendees can join from a full range of video or audio devices, including room systems, computers, and mobile devices.
  • Self-Service: BlueJeans Primetime makes large scale events easy and intuitive, without the need for a truck roll or white-glove service. Organisers, moderators and attendees can easily schedule, join and view events, with the ability to raise their hand, share video/content, and interact with other participants.
  • Robust Moderator Controls and Options: Event hosts have moderator controls that allow them to mute participants, pin presenters, promote attendees, and record the meetings. Moderators can also prep presenters in a “green room" like setting before they go live.

"We are extremely excited about the partnership with BlueJeans. It has allowed us to take a powerful technology platform and bring it together with our in house concierge team to deliver an Event Managed face-to-face collaboration offering. Our recently launched Primetime managed service will open a myriad of applications for our large end user base.

It's important for CommuniCloud to have partners like BlueJeans who can meet our customers' complete business needs with transformative solutions, like Primetime," said Mark Dover, Managing Director of CommuniCloud.

The partnership will also see the two businesses collaborate to offer a broad solution set including cloud-based video communication, third party hardware technology, and managed services. Combining BlueJeans onVideo, Primetime, onSocial, and Huddle with CommuniCloud services and other industry standard hardware will provide a breadth of solutions to meet the needs of customers in Australia and throughout Asia.

"Both companies complement each other very well," says James Brennan, Director of BlueJeans Network APAC. "We both have a common vision to continue to grow the APAC video communication market by providing innovative solutions for people to meet, share ideas and reach their audience through the power of video collaboration."

BlueJeans Primetime already powers large-scale, brand-building events for The Sundance Film Festival, TED events, and more. Influencers and media personalities such as Chelsea Clinton, Drew Brees, and David Ortiz have also leveraged the platform to connect and interact with their audiences.

With nearly 5,000 customers and 25 million participants around the globe, BlueJeans provides nearly two billion minutes of face-to-face interaction per year.

About BlueJeans Network
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