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Press Release - Blue Jeans Network Enhances Offering to Meet Prolific Customer Growth

Blue Jeans 3.0 introduces streamlined interface across desktop experiences, frictionless WebRTC support, and Slack and Canvas integrations to enrich real-time video for the modern employee

November 11, 2015—MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA.—Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video conferencing services, today unveiled its latest product offering with the release of Blue Jeans 3.0. Leveraging customer and end-user feedback, the latest Blue Jeans iteration provides more flexible access and a feature set designed to delight both IT and consumers alike. This release brings significant upgrades for desktop and mobile users, new integrations and centralized control, ROI and management tools.

Highlights of Blue Jeans 3.0 include:

  • Blue Jeans App and Browser Solutions: Refreshed and unified user interface offers superior desktop meeting experience with new audio capabilities, and one-click connections
  • WebRTC support for Google Chrome: New user interface, new audio capabilities, and usability improvements for frictionless meeting entry
  • New integrations with messaging platform, Slack and learning management system, Canvas to compliment existing integrations with Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, among others
  • Advanced reporting, analytics and ROI data via Blue Jeans Command Center
  • Enhancements to Blue Jeans Apps for iOS and Android: New interface, quick action menu, battery-and-data-saving mode

With nearly 5,000 customers around the globe, Blue Jeans provides over a billion minutes of face-to-face interaction per year. Rising to meet this growing demand from an increasingly diverse customer base was the driving force behind the scope and nature of this release.

"The Blue Jeans service is used by more than 25 million participants worldwide. As we grow and penetrate new lines of business, we want to ensure that we not only meet the administrative needs of the IT organization, but that we delight the end-user with ease of use, functionality, and high quality video," said Stu Aaron, Chief Commercial Officer of Blue Jeans Network. "To that end, we have tuned up our interface with a sleek, modern design, enhanced the service with new features, and added integrations to optimize the user experience."

"Blue Jeans gives us a converged conferencing solution that puts people at the center of every meeting and fits in easily with our existing workflows and applications," said Andrew Wright, Co-Founder at Fugue. "We already live in both Blue Jeans and Slack, it is better to live in them together."

Blue Jeans 3.0 brings together the core, interoperable offering Blue Jeans was built on with new features and enhancements to improve the customer experience, measure ROI, and empower users to consume Blue Jeans video in the context of their current workflows and tools with no disruption.

Blue Jeans 3.0 features are included in the standard Blue Jeans service and are rolling out this month. Get a free 14-day trial at

About Blue Jeans Network
At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring great minds together to meet, share ideas and reach their audiences through the power of video collaboration. By making video communication easy, secure and scalable, our customers can make online conversations, meetings and events personal again. Blue Jeans' cloud-based platform has taken video into the mainstream, giving thought leaders in business, education, entertainment, and media the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere. Blue Jeans Network is a private company headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information go to: or follow the company @BlueJeansNet