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BlueJeans App Network Features 25 Enterprise Integrations to Improve Workflow and Collaboration

IT Management, Workstream Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, and Content Management Apps Are the Productivity Stack of the Smart Workplace

MOUNTAIN VIEW – March 12, 2019 - The first cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting, BlueJeans Network, Inc. today announced the BlueJeans App Network, a hub for BlueJeans’ certified integrations that makes it easier for CIOs and organizations to connect workflows and drive productivity in the modern workplace. The BlueJeans App Network features six new partner integrations, including one with Splunk Inc. that’s designed to collect and visualize enterprise usage data from BlueJeans Command Center APIs to ensure peak operational performance.

Collaboration has become mission critical for any business, but without visibility into meeting performance and room system health, IT leaders are blind to the barriers that disrupt productivity. Splunk® Enterprise customers can now integrate BlueJeans Command Center data on meeting performance and user feedback—critical information for CIOs and administrators to assess overall corporate system health. CIOs and CISOs now have an additional layer of endpoint data inside a familiar Splunk workflow and single pane of glass, an important part of the BlueJeans integration design. Organizations can deliver an optimal and secure experience across the users, endpoints and networks involved in meetings and events on BlueJeans’ enterprise platform.

This integration was developed by BlueJeans using Splunk’s Add-on Builder and is available on Splunkbase. IT administrators can search, monitor and analyze machine-generated data from within the BlueJeans Command Center to gain insights that can help make their companies more productive, competitive and secure. Taking an analytics-driven approach to improving meeting performance, BlueJeans and Splunk are delivering the next innovation in team collaboration.

“BlueJeans has long been known for its platform interoperability and ability to integrate with the tools and technology that our customers use every day—something that’s essential to today’s enterprise environment,” said Guillaume Vives, chief product officer, BlueJeans Network. “Last year, we announced we were opening up our APIs to strategic partners to build new solutions with BlueJeans’ support. With today’s announcement of the BlueJeans App Network, we’re further delivering on our goal of driving forward a seamless meeting experience for customers by making BlueJeans and partner integrations easy to find and quick to deploy.”

Today, enterprises employ a variety of applications to support business growth, which requires the ability to integrate across multiple platforms and environments. The BlueJeans App Network includes 25 critical business integrations across eight categories—workstream collaboration, calendaring/scheduling, business productivity, IT management/security, meeting intelligence, content collaboration, marketing, and education.

Seamlessly connecting users with applications across multiple platforms, the BlueJeans App Network is a one-stop shop for collaboration success. BlueJeans App Network integrations enable easy onramps for quicker collaboration, single-window workflows for increasing productivity, and back-end platform integration for a better user experience. Today’s launch of the BlueJeans App Network includes the following new partner applications:

  • Trello and BlueJeans accelerate project timelines and increase productivity by connecting teams through embedded video meetings from directly inside the Trello application window.
  • Hugo and BlueJeans deliver an integrated workflow that enables collaborative notetaking alongside the BlueJeans immersive meeting experience.
  • Mira and BlueJeans work together to power an interactive digital signage experience, where live and recorded video can be embedded within any Mira-enabled screen.
  • My Ally and BlueJeans automate traditional recruiting activities through the use of a virtual personal assistant that manages interview scheduling and management.
  • Meeting Bot and BlueJeans help users find and schedule the best meeting times and available conference rooms with simple Slack commands.

The BlueJeans App Network also features popular applications from Microsoft, Workplace by Facebook, Google, and Slack.

“Workplace dynamics are changing, with meetings providing the ability to either hinder performance or improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity,” said Darren Chait, co-founder, Hugo. “BlueJeans was ahead of the curve in opening up its APIs to partners to develop combined solutions that enable customers to better collaborate and execute on meeting insights for greater team alignment and efficiency. With Hugo’s purpose-built meeting note software now being available within a BlueJeans meeting, the two companies are poised to redefine the future of meetings.”

By bringing partner integrations into one centralized ecosystem, BlueJeans is simplifying how organizations can connect users with applications across their existing workflows to improve productivity. Together, the BlueJeans App Network and qualified technology partners are closing the gap between business applications and results-oriented meetings to drive smarter meetings, more impactful events, and streamlined IT management.


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