Women have been making great strides in technology; this year in the Bay Area, the epicenter of technology, more women are enrolled in the intro to computer science class at UC Berkeley than men for this first time ever. And now, women hold 26 percent of professional computer occupations in the U.S. workforce. However, women are still fighting for equal pay and treatment in the workplace. With this in mind, Blue Jeans has begun its series, “Women In Technology,” to connect women in the industry, as they aim to succeed in a traditionally unreceptive environment. This series aims to reach a mass number of people, by blending our technology with featured stories of female leaders to change perception and habits in the workplace.

In the inaugural presentation, Chrissy Linzy, supervisor of voice and video collaboration at Red Hat, kicked off the series with her presentation on making data-driven decisions. To optimize the experience for her and the audience, Red Hat decided to leverage Blue Jeans Primetime to deliver a presentation in which everyone could participate. Why opt for old-fashioned webcasts, when everyone can feel empowered to contribute in this important discussion? And just like we anticipated, the audience was quick to participate.

The presentation was followed by Q&A discussion in which anyone in the audience could ask poignant questions – previously difficult with chat boxes that often went ignored. And the results were amazing. Our moderator found it ridiculously easy to direct the event. And everyone got a chance to speak to Chrissy face-to-face, as it was easy to know who raised their hand first and who was to speak next in order to move the Q&A session forward with ease.

For a little snippet, when asked, "How do you go about using data to ask for a promotion?" Linzy explained, "Every year during review time I actually make good notes. I document throughout the year and keep track of what I've done, comments I have received from customers, places where I have struggled or could have done a better job, and places I have really rocked. I make sure when I'm going to sit down with my manager, I am ready to have a real conversation. I think taking a more active role in your review process, instead of sitting back and waiting to hear what your manager has to say, makes a huge difference." 

We are excited to move forward with our series and know that Blue Jeans Primetime will facilitate these kinds of events for everyone. Bring your discussions to life! Conferences and seminars can now reach your audience anywhere in the world while also lending them the opportunity to participate as if they were in the room. Even webcasted classes no longer run the risk of being completely one sided, as students can voice their questions and concerns. Remember, screens have become a major form of interaction in our daily lives, but there is no reason for that to remove the human connection crucial to making any large presentation successful.

Check out the recording of the entire Women in Technology event here.