Blue Jean Plan Specific Terms

All You Can Meet plan specifics:

  • During the Initial Term, Customer will have the ability to use an unlimited number of minutes, hosts and concurrent ports with respect to the Service.
  • Subsequent year renewal is unlimited for all employees but charged based on "active host count" which is calculated as the average monthly number of users during the three largest months from the previous 12 months of service.
    • Renewal ("active host") minimum is 15% of employee population or previous annual contract value (whichever is greater). Maximum fees are capped at 70% of employee population.
    • The Second Term will be paid up front.
  • Customer shall not use the Service as an audio only bridge.
    • A surcharge of 20% of the equivalent monthly charge will be applied if PSTN minutes in a given month exceed 35% of total minutes for the month.
    • BJN shall also have the right to terminate the Agreement by providing written notice to Customer if PSTN minutes exceed 35% of total minutes in a given billable period.

Minutes plan specifics:

  •  If you exceed your monthly minutes quantity, you will be billed at the same price per minute for those excess minutes as your monthly plan

Named Host – Room specifics:

  • Simultaneous sessions by a Named Host are prohibited.

Named Host – Individual specifics:

  • Named hosts may not be shared or used by anyone other than the employee assigned.
  • Generic naming conventions for Named Hosts are prohibited.
  • Simultaneous sessions by a Named Host are prohibited.

Virtual Ports plan specifics:

  • Overages will apply per port, per day, over the committed ports quantity, with a 10% discount.
    • North America Fee - $75
    • Euro Fee - €75
    • English Pounds - £64
    • Australian dollar - $98
    • International in dollars - $98