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The Future of the Hybrid Workplace

Owl Labs has the tools to make everyone feel like they’re in the room.

Owl Labs x BlueJeans

BlueJeans by Verizon and Owl Labs have partnered to outfit workspaces with award-winning software and hardware that creates immersive and inclusive meeting experiences for all participants. Pristine HD video and Dolby Voice® audio delivers a more natural meeting experience in the office, classroom or in the field. We want to create the best hybrid meetings for everyone.

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Bring the Team Together


The Meeting Owl Pro is a premium 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker combined into one easy-to-use device. It creates the experience of in-person participation for hybrid teams and integrates seamlessly with the conferencing platforms you already use.

BlueJeans Meetings+ Owl Pro Hardware

See Everything in the Room


With the Owl Labs 360-degree camera, you have the ability to see everything in the room. With speaker tracking and a panoramic view, you get to see the whole room exactly like you're in the office with the team.


Go Big

Need to outfit a large conference room or board room?  Connect two Meeting Owl Pro devices to get an even wider view of what's happening, with double the visibility and stereo sound.

Camera - Owl Labs

360-Degree Camera

Be fully immersed in your meeting experience with an intelligent 360-degree camera. Feel like you have a seat at the table while being able to see everyone in the room.

Owl Labs Clear Audio

Three-Speaker Array

Easily hear everything and be a part of the conversation as if everyone is in the same room. Engage yourself in collaboration with your colleagues without missing a word.

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Speaker Tracking

No matter where you are in the room, you can be seen while presenting. Built-in speaker tracking enables you to constantly be the center of the frame.