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Portal from Facebook with BlueJeans

Turn your home office into a collaboration powerhouse

Portal from Facebook is a revolutionary way to join BlueJeans Meetings. It's a convenient, dedicated video device in your home office for productive, engaging meetings, while leaving you free to use your laptop or desktop to make the most out of your time.


Premium Video and Audio

Portal’s Smart Camera pans, zooms and widens automatically, so you can move and talk freely while always staying in frame. Smart Sound enhances voices while minimizing unwanted background noise. Combined with Dolby Voice from BlueJeans, Portal provides an immersive video conferencing experience without distractions.

portal-upcoming-meetings (2).jpg

Plug and Play

Portal is simple to set up. Simply connect your Portal to wifi, log in to your Facebook, Whatsapp or Workplace account, and download the BlueJeans mobile app from the Portal app store to start using your personalized, video conferencing device. Join, mute and drop from meetings with BlueJeans' intuitive touch-screen controls.


Private and Secure

Portal is built with privacy in mind. Disable Portal’s Smart Camera and built-in microphone with a single tap or with a sliding switch. The clearly identifiable red light next to the lens indicates when the camera and microphones are off, ensuring more peace of mind for you.


Enterprise Ready

The combination of BlueJeans and Portal’s touchscreen, smart camera and smart sound capabilities provide users with a high quality, enterprise-grade conferencing experience. Connect O365 and Google Calendars, blur your background, and participate and engage in townhalls, webinars and all-hands directly from your Portal. Portal with BlueJeans can also be used to quickly upgrade a small meeting room or office with video conferencing capabilities to ensure speedy back to office readiness.


Ready to Buy?

There's a Portal for every kind of home office space. Choose from Portal, Portal Mini and Portal+ to suit your style.