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BlueJeans for Oil & Gas

Strike oil with face-to-face meetings

Connect Sites

You have drilling sites and corporate offices throughout the world, and traveling is time consuming and expensive.

BlueJeans makes staying in contact incredibly easy by enabling you to host video meetings with up to 100 participants joining from any video-enabled device or service.

Manage Key Relationships

Business partners and customers are crucial to successful operations. Meet with stakeholders inside and outside the company via a single video conferencing platform.

It’s easy for all parties because there is no hardware to buy, or software to download, and you can join right from a web browser.

Schedule With Ease

With BlueJeans, you don’t need to worry about whether your meeting will be a video, audio, or web conference.

You simply schedule a BlueJeans meeting from your business calendar or the BlueJeans web interface and all participants click a link to join from whichever device or service is most convenient for them at the time.

Oil & Gas companies are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Keep exploration and drilling teams in contact with other oil and gas companies working in the same area or using the same machinery
  • Cut down on travel between remote drilling sites by using video conferencing
  • Check in with remote oil rigs using mobile devices over 4g/3g
  • Respond to gas leak emergencies by video conferencing from drill sites back to conference room video systems at HQ
  • Facilitate face-to-face meetings between teams at various sites around the world
  • Connect executives in Texas and Israel offices for regular check-ins

Customer Testimonials

Noble energy
As a global company we have key geological and exploration staff in various countries. Keeping staff aligned, engaged and feeling part of the team are key aspects to why we wanted to find a video collaboration solution that could make this happen. BlueJeans' browser support makes it easy for our staff to quickly schedule and engage in face-to-face meetings, while breaking the requirement of needing an IT person to come to the room and set up a video call. We are finding new use cases for video everyday and our team has a new affinity for their peers thanks to BlueJeans.
Jeff Geiger, Supervisor of Network Support, Noble Energy

Energy Net
BlueJeans supported everything we would need. You simply connect via BlueJeans with devices you already have and start communicating.
Ethan House, Director of Marketing, EnergyNet