Smartphone Video Conferencing

The modern workplace no longer requires a physical office space to thrive. For many internet native businesses, working remotely is an essential component of the business model. Shouldn't your business have the best tools to fit that model? With Blue Jeans, users can connect with one another through a convenient, cloud-based interfaced, available wherever you are! As long as users have a mobile device like their smartphone or tablet, they can instantly connect with their correspondents across the globe with clear, high definition, face-to-face communications.


Blue Jeans Network is all about accessibility unhindered by program distinctions. Giving users the ability to connect with one another regardless of the platform they're using makes Blue Jeans an invaluable asset for businesses that interact with a wide variety of clients and colleagues. For mobile devices in particular, users can use either Blue Jeans iOS app or Android app for smartphone video conferencing.

Travel Smarter

Whether you're using your smartphone or tablet device, video conferencing is easy with Blue Jeans. Keep in touch with colleagues in the field or participate in meetings from a remote location. Mobile video conferencing gives you an endless number of opportunities for additional productivity.

Widely Available

According to the Pew Research Center's Mobile Technology Fact Sheet, 58% of American adults have a smartphone and 42% of American adults own a tablet computer. That means that more than half of the adults in the country already have the necessary equipment to begin video conferencing with Blue Jeans. With no additional hardware required, all you need to get started is an internet connection and the camera on your device.

Connect Easily and Affordably

Say goodbye to rushing across town to make a meeting. With Blue Jeans, you can stay wherever you are and easily connect using your mobile device. Conducting meetings from the comfort of your home or office gives you the confidence and convenience to achieve more with your time.

Even better? Users can take the money they would be spending on transportation budgets and allocate it to more productive uses, without sacrificing valuable face to face contact in their meetings. For a more cost effective, time effective, and all around convenient meeting experience, try using Blue Jeans.

Sign up for your two week unlimited free trial with Blue Jeans Network and start using web based video conferencing today!