iPhone Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a great addition to any organization's set of communications tools. It allows you to bridge the distance between colleagues, teams, partners, management and employees, providers and clients or educators and students from around the world. It gives participants the opportunity to take part in discussions and collaborations wherever they may be. With Blue Jeans mobile-friendly solutions, virtual meetings are made even easier via an enterprise-grade application that runs on the iPhone.

Benefits of iPhone Video Conferencing

  • Connect with and reach iPhone users at any time, wherever they are in the world. Completely compatible with the most popular meeting infrastructures, Blue Jeans iPhone video conferencing app is the ideal solution for keeping a global workforce on track.
  • Extend interactive meetings out of a typical office setting and allow face-to-face communication and dynamic content sharing to speed up decision making while cutting costs. The iPhone video conferencing technology offers a distributed workforce an easy and convenient way to still collaborate as a team no matter where they are by simply using their iPhones.
  • Enable real-time communication without infrastructure or compatibility barriers. Most people always have their mobile phones with them, so iPhone video conferencing is possible from anywhere. This is helpful when there are critical issues that need urgent attention.
  • Meet your mobile communications needs cost-effectively. Blue Jeans mobile video conferring solutions feature intuitive controls, intelligent management of network bandwidth and full integration of UC systems.

Using Blue Jeans on iPhones

It's easy to join a Blue Jeans meeting using your iPhone. Just download the Blue Jeans mobile iOS app from the Apple Store. Once you have it installed on your device, log in using your personal account to start a meeting. You can join a meeting as a participant or as a moderator using a passcode. The app has a Calendar feature that displays upcoming scheduled meetings. Simply click a meeting link to enter the meeting. Attendees without a Blue Jeans account can still participate in a meeting as a guest.

Once in the meeting, you will see everyone who is in the meeting, including a view of yourself. You can mute your audio by clicking the mic icon or mute your self-view by clicking the camera icon. Ending the call can also be done in a click a mouse. Slide the screen to the right and a menu of options will open up where you can turn on/off your camera, enable audio-only communication, change meeting layouts and share content such as files pre-uploaded to the Blue Jeans folder, website pages and photos. When viewing someone else's shared content, a view of the participants remains on screen. Slide the screen to the left to see a list of all participants in the meeting with the ability to chat with the group. The moderator can invite more participants via email.

Best-in-Class Mobile Video Collaboration

Blue Jeans provides business-quality video conferencing from your iPhone, so you can communicate and collaborate with anyone no matter where you are. Meet with others over video whether they are connecting with you using their laptop, a room video system or another mobile device. Expect enterprise-level video conferencing and collaboration features even over 4G/ LTE networks.

Key Benefits and Features

With Blue Jeans iPhone video conferencing, you can:

  • Host or participate in meetings from anywhere
  • Enable mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-any device meetings
  • Transition smoothly between personal and work activities
  • Improve employee productivity

Blue Jeans iPhone video conferencing offers:

  • Interoperability
    Aside from mobile devices, most organizations use desktop software like Skype or Microsoft Lync for internal video conferencing and chat. Some companies also use room video systems during large video meetings. Blue Jeans gives users the ability to connect with each other using practically any device or service to the same video meeting for hassle-free communication and collaboration.
  • Ease of Use
    Blue Jeans mobile iOS app allows users to host meetings in a cinch. Integration with popular programs like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook makes it simple to schedule meetings. Send invites to meetings through email and click a link to join meetings. Simple controls from your iPhone makes participation smooth, including audio/video mute buttons and options to change layouts and group chat.
  • Content Sharing
    Easily share content with others during meetings from your iPhone or view content shared by others. Share a wide range of content from documents to photos and videos. Native gestures like pinch-to-zoom are supported.
  • Cloud-Based and Enterprise Ready
    Blue Jeans video conferencing solution leverages the cloud to connect iPhones and other devices together into one video meeting with up to 25 participants without the need for MCU equipment. Being a cloud-based service, Blue Jeans mobile video conferencing offers instant integration with existing business infrastructure with the ability to manage meetings from a user-friendly admin console. Our mobile iOS app also boasts enterprise-level security features.

Enable anywhere, any-device communication on your iPhone with our mobile video conferencing solutions. Download the Blue Jeans mobile iOS app now.