iPad Video Conferencing

Mobile devices have already surpassed PC ownership, and this means the need to integrate video conferencing into mobile devices is very important. Today, it is almost a requirement for organizations to use a mobile video conferencing service, and one that works with the ubiquitous iPad is necessary

Why is iPad Compatibility Important?

One look at the numbers shows how pervasive iPad use is today. The iPad was the best-selling tablet device in 2013. There were about 16.4 million iPads sold in the second quarter of 2014, reaching the high end of Apple's expectations. More than 60 per cent of people who plan to purchase a tablet soon (within 90 days) are planning to go with the iPad. In the enterprise world, it appears the iPad dominates the tablet market as well.

Blue Jeans on iPad

Realizing the demand for a business-quality video conferencing solution that works seamlessly with the iPad, Blue Jeans developed an iOS app that will allow users more freedom to participate in virtual meetings right from their iPads.

The Blue Jeans iPad video conferencing app offers wide compatibility with different platforms, including desktop clients and room systems. Virtual meetings can be held easily between up to 25 participants who may be using different video platforms. Connect from an iPad with your co-workers, partners or clients whether they are using Cisco Jabber, Google Video Chat, Polycom, Microsoft Lync, their favorite web browser or even an audio-only system.

With 3G/4G and Wi-Fi capability, the Blue Jeans iOS app allows users to host or join video conferences from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection. Delivery of video calls is secured by SIP SRTP encryption.

Blue Jeans iOS App Features:

  • Video Conferencing: Conduct face-to-face meetings from your iPad and connect with any video-enabled device, with anyone, anywhere.
  • Rich Content Sharing: Dual streaming capability allows meeting participants to view the video and the content being shared simultaneously. Share multimedia presentations, documents and video files during meetings in high-definition quality.
  • Easy to Use: A calendar feature lets team leads and managers schedule meetings and send invites to participants within the app. When it's time to meet, the meeting can be accessed in just one click. Blue Jeans' iPad video conferencing app supports both front and rear camera use. Attendees can join the meeting using the app even without a Blue Jeans account

How to Make the Most of iPad Video Conferencing

  • Attend meetings from anywhere. Mobile video conferencing is ideal for people who need to work together through video from different locations, whether from a home office, school, hotel, the airport, or on the road. Allowing employees the freedom to collaborate from a remote location or to simply dial in from anywhere using their iPads to join a meeting is something that many new employee prospects look for in a potential employer. For employees who are already enjoying this flexibility, it is something they value about their jobs. Using the Blue Jeans iOS app, you can attract quality employees and keep job satisfaction levels high.
  • Encourage more video use. Promote the use of web-based or mobile video collaboration to your organization, including vendors, partners, clients and potential employees. Mobile video conferencing is accessible to almost everybody as long as they have a mobile device to use with internet connection. Blue Jeans iPad video conferencing permits anyone to use an iPad to connect with people who are also using other devices, mobile or not, no matter what meeting platform they are using. The more an organization encourages the use of this innovative technology, the more it will continue to reap its benefits.
  • Start a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program. Let employees use their own iPads for work. This will save the company from having to purchase separate work phones or tablets for employees. The Blue Jeans iOS app allows perfect compatibility between Apple devices and other video-enabled devices and systems. So, supervisors can bring their personal iPads to the office and use them to meet virtually with their remote teams or office-based employees can use their own iPads to attend checkpoint meetings hosted by a remote or traveling supervisor.
  • Sync programs and technologies. Save time and ensure no meetings are missed by synching programs like video meetings with email clients and calendar apps. Blue Jeans mobile-friendly video conferencing solutions enable both all types of video conferencing technologies to work together.
  • Invest in quality. Having the best video conferencing technology that your organization can afford is essential for efficient communication and collaboration. Fortunately, even if you're cutting costs, you don't have to sacrifice quality to get business-grade solutions. Traditional video conferencing equipment would cost a fortune, but there's no need to make such an expensive investment on infrastructure when you adopt Blue Jeans' interoperable mobile technology that makes high-quality video meetings available on your very own iPad.

Start joining meetings on the go with your iPad. Download the Blue Jeans iOS app now.