Android Video Conferencing

A recent report reveals that the mobile workforce will number more than a billion by 2015. As Android continues to increase market share in the US mobile smartphone arena, organizations should look into deploying an enterprise-level mobile Android video calling solution. The BlueJeans Android mobile app allows you to use your Android phone or tablet to join a virtual meeting or connect with people who are using their devices. Download. Log in. Join a meeting. BlueJeans makes it as simple as that.

Features to Consider

  • Highly scalable infrastructure: The ideal mobile video conferencing solution should be able to connect to multiple, distributed endpoints. Blue Jeans allows up to 25 endpoints in a single meeting. Enabled by cloud technology, it's a solution that you can scale cost-effectively according to demand.
  • Consistent quality performance: Public internet connections and data cellular networks can be very unreliable, negating the benefits of online meetings. Blue Jeans Android video conferencing technology is designed to ensure a great meeting experience every time, delivering HD quality data even over 4G/LTE networks
  • Compatible with fixed room systems: The mobile trend may be growing but many organizations already have existing room-based video conferencing systems and they may keep these investments for strategic reasons. This makes it very important to choose a mobile solution that can integrate these room system endpoints to allow office-based workforces to take part in virtual meetings using the systems already in place
  • Works with a range of mobile devices: Many companies allow employees to use their own devices for work. In a mixed and multi-device environment or when you have a distributed workforce, it would be impossible for IT staff to identify every end point that will be used to connect to a video meeting. The Blue Jeans mobile app supports different types of mobile devices to ensure all participants can access meetings and be productive using their choice of device.

Meet Anytime, Anywhere on Android

Feeling not well enough to travel to work but have an important meeting you cannot miss? When sickness, distance, or any other reason simply makes it impossible to meet with people physically and be all in the same place, you can still participate in meetings through mobile video conferencing as long as you have internet access. With the help of the Blue Jeans Android video conferencing app, Android device users don't have to miss an important meeting at work or with a client again.

Use any Android phone or tablet to enter Blue Jeans video meetings deployed in the cloud, whether the other parties are using a different mobile device, a laptop or a conference room video system. With Android video conferencing technology, simply log in to the Blue Jeans app and watch as your office staff or other remote team workers appear onscreen wherever they are in the world.

You get to speak face to face with people as if you're all in the same room. Our Android video conferencing technology not only allows richer communication but great collaboration as well, thanks to high quality content sharing features. Brainstorm, make suggestions or provide feedback while you sit at home, in a coffee shop or your hotel room. Stay connected even when you're away or on the go with Blue Jeans mobile video conferencing app.

Using Blue Jeans on Android Mobile

Blue Jeans offers a simple way to connect to a Blue Jeans meeting using your Android mobile device. Download the app from the Google Play Store and click its icon to begin. Verified Blue Jeans account holders can log in to start a personal meeting immediately. You can also join a meeting started by someone else or start moderating a meeting that you previously scheduled using a Moderator passcode. Click the Meetings tab to view all your scheduled meetings and simply click on a meeting from the list to join. It's possible for attendees without a Blue Jeans account to join a Blue Jeans meeting as a participant, entering the meeting ID, passcode and their name.

Blue Jeans mobile video meetings are meant to enable face-to-face interaction and collaboration. Once you're in the meeting, you will be able to see other participants as well as a small Self View window at the bottom of your screen. The app uses intuitive controls to turn on audio or video mute, change meeting layouts, switch camera direction or end the meeting. Rich content sharing is also possible between participants. Dual stream support allows simultaneous screen sharing and video feed. Tilt feature allows users to rotate the screen of their Android device to expand the view.

Mobile Meetings Got Easier

Designed with intelligent features, the Blue Jeans Android video conferencing app is highly efficient and easy to handle. Schedule, host or join a meeting with no hitches on your favorite Android device. Make Blue Jeans your partner in professional mobile video conferencing. Download the Blue Jeans mobile app for Android now.