Mobile access is quickly becoming the future of enterprise communications. In the recent words of Forbes writer, Ben Kepes, "Enterprises are increasingly realizing that mobilizing their workforce isn’t just about giving everyone a smartphone with email access, rather it’s about building a plethora of both internally and externally facing applications – for marketing, operations, collaboration etc." At Blue Jeans Network, we couldn’t agree more. With a focus on security, scalability, and interoperability, Blue Jeans is innovating mobile business communications. Let’s check out the details.

Mobile Devices Supporting Video Conferencing

In a global survey of 790 IT professionals, 93% reported mobile devices are connecting to their corporate networks. It’s simply a matter of time before that percentage reaches 100% for complete mobile connectivity. As businesses embrace mobile technology for email access and content sharing, their video communications should follow suit.

  • Smartphones

    With Blue Jeans, it’s easy to access video meetings from your smartphone. Even without Wi-Fi, a 4G / LTE connection is enough to support high quality video and collaboration features. Users aren’t limited to conferencing with other mobile devices either. Mobile video conferencing with Blue Jeans can connect smartphones to room systems or laptops as well. We offer apps for both iOS and Android-enabled devices, so employees can easily communicate using whichever smartphone they currently have.

  • Tablets

    According to Forbes, tablet adoption for enterprise use is set to grow by almost 50% year over year, with an estimated 96.3 million units shipped in 2016. With such a quickly growing market for tablets, it’s essential to adopt a communications system like Blue Jeans, which supports tablet access.

Enterprise Security & Scalability

With high-grade security protections, our users can communicate with confidence. Using firewalls and NAT transversals, Blue Jeans is ready for secure enterprise use. By supporting multi-party video conferences without MCU hardware, Blue Jeans users can add new mobile participants on demand, at their own pace. Best of all? Integrating mobile devices with your existing video infrastructure works instantly, so you don’t have to waste any time getting started.

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