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Extend your Microsoft Lync conference capabilities

With BlueJeans' cloud-based video conferencing service, Microsoft Lync users can seamlessly connect to other Lync and non-Lync users inside and outside their organization for multi-party video conferences.

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Fulfilling Microsoft Lync's Destiny as a Visual Collaboration Solution.
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Lync made interoperable across all other video endpoints

Microsoft LYNC
in the BlueJeans video cloud

  • Enable your Microsft Lync users to seamlessly connect with your room-based video conferencing infrastructure without any additional infrastructure, for both - video and high definition (HD) screen sharing
  • Instant access to video calls on room-based video systems (Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, and others), Telepresence systems, Web browsers, Cisco Jabber, and Lync
  • One-time single Federation to the BlueJeans video conferencing cloud provides instant access to growing video-enabled user bases across customer and partner companies
  • Easy-to-use cloud-based service offers increased productivity, on-demand scalability and enhanced screen sharing

Seamless connectivity with room-based video conferencing systems

For the first time, Lync users can participate in high definition video with room-based videoconferencing systems without the need for expensive hardware gateways or MCU bridges.

Small and medium businesses are now able to connect their cloud-based Office 365 Lync desktop users to any customer or enterprise anywhere without the need for expensive on-premise bridging hardware.

Make Microsoft Lync connect to any room-based video systems

Supported Lync environments:

  • Microsoft OCS 2007 R2
  • Microsoft Lync 2010
  • Microsoft Lync 2013
  • Microsoft Office 365

Supported Lync clients:

  • Office Communicator (R2)
  • Lync 2010 Windows client
  • Lync 2013 Windows client
  • Lync 2011 Mac client

HD Screen Sharing with virtually any video endpoint

In today’s world of mobile, BYOD and remote workers; meetings are no longer restricted to conference rooms and have to be accessible from a number of devices - desktops, mobile smartphones, tablets and more.

For the first time, Lync users can now share bi-directional HD content from their computers to meetings with room-based systems and virtually any endpoint connecting to a Blue Jeans conference, without requiring any special on-premise hardware or software to buy, manage, or maintain.

This greatly improves productivity in distributed teams that need a high-quality solution for their collaboration needs and, can easily scale with their growing needs.

First to offer 2-way HD screen sharing from Microsoft Lync

LYNC federation - made simple

Large enterprises that use Lync today face an interesting conundrum - they either keep federating with every one of their hundreds of customers and suppliers that use Lync, or stay as an open federation which may be a security risk.

With Blue Jeans, they don’t need to make that choice anymore. By just federating with Blue Jeans, any enterprise or business can now participate in calls with any user anywhere, whether they are on Lync or any of the other supported endpoint including most browsers. This allows for much tighter control of the list of federated partners, while still allowing employees to freely conduct meetings within and outside of their enterprise walls - partners and clients.

Blue Jeans eliminates the need to federate to each partner network


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We use Blue Jeans in order to extend our Lync deployment to easily interoperate with our room-based systems. In addition to across-the-board video conferencing which helps us to improve communication between employees and partners in multiple offices and multiple states, today's announcement from Blue Jeans will also allow us to extend collaboration by leveraging Blue Jean's desktop sharing capabilities.
Andy Brezinsky
Director of Engineering at Milwaukee, Corvisa Services
Whether it is SMBs trying to integrate room-based video conferencing systems with Microsoft Office 365, or large enterprises looking to have Lync deployments communicate with existing Cisco or Polycom hardware, Blue Jeans acts as a simple, reliable, and scalable solution to allow businesses large and small to benefit from interoperable video conferencing without the headaches of on-premise solutions
Neil Setchell
CEO, ExtraTeam

About Blue Jeans

At Blue Jeans Network, our mission is to make video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications, enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home, and on the road. We enable video communication across the widest range of video conferencing systems in the world. Our cloud-based service is fast and easy, and hassle-free. More at

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