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Record BlueJeans Video Calls

Whether you're in a BlueJeans video call, video conference, or conference call, you can easily record, watch, and share your BlueJeans video meetings. Collaborate better by recording virtual meetings, webinars, conference calls, and live streamed video events. Check out this quick video tutorial to learn more about the online meeting recording feature:

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Customer Testimonials


Red Hat UK Ltd
The new recording feature is yet another brilliant enhancement that has allowed us to move one step closer to a one tool fits all solution in the collaboration space.
Ashley Azzopardi

Red Hat UK Ltd

Brandeis University
With BlueJeans Network's new recording feature, staff and faculty members can now seamlessly record info sessions that can be repurposed into webinars and accessed later. We are also able to use BlueJeans for HR purposes, including taping interviews and using playback to make the best hiring decisions.
Eli Jacobson
Brandeis University