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Real World Options for Multipoint Videoconferencing

With expansion of video, enterprises are challenged to meet up with increased videoconferencing usage, increased need for multipoint video calling and more importantly increased need for interoperability.

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  • Understand the fundamentals involved in multipoint videoconferencing
    • Centralized vs. de-centralized video bridging
    • Voice Activated Switched (VAS) vs. Transcoded Meetings
    • Full Screen vs. Continuous Presence Layouts
  • Explore & compare options to accomplish on-premise multi-point bridging
    • Embedded video bridges
    • Stand-alone hardware video bridges
    • Software video bridge
  • Explore & compare alternative deployment architectures
    • Media routing
    • Decentralized architecture – a.k.a. Multi-stream or Mesh network
  • Evaluate and compare Hosted Video Bridging Services
    • Providers with 3rd party video bridges
    • Providers with their own platform

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