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BlueJeans for Marketing

Helping you collaborate on campaigns

Collaborate Globally

Today’s workforce is global and you need to stay connected with coworkers at other offices throughout the world. BlueJeans can immediately bolster marketing results by making it easier to collaborate through our cloud-based video conferencing platform. You can host multi-party meetings with up to 25 endpoints and share content in real time, helping you meet face to face and be productive from anywhere.

Go Mobile

Over 75% of the workforce will be mobile by the end of 2013. With BlueJeans, you can have a videoconference right from your mobile phone or tablet, helping you to live flexibly and function outside of the office.By utilizing the BlueJeans app, you can have a rich collaboration experience complete with real-time content sharing.

Connect Externally

External relationships are crucial in Marketing. You need to meet with vendors and Ad agencies daily to ensure proper execution of deliverables such as display ads, trailers, and white papers, to name a few. You can meet with anyone over BlueJeans without worrying about what device or video service they connect with on the other end.

Marketing departments are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Share presentations with internal team during staff meetings regardless of each participant’s geo location
  • Review work-in-progress marketing videos with external vendors, utilizing the BlueJeans video-sharing feature
  • Encourage face-to-face interaction across geographically distributed organization for more effective collaboration
  • Collaborate with external clients on marketing initiatives such as ad campaigns
  • Increase usage of conference room video systems, enabling them to connect with any video service or device
  • Discuss status of SEO and display ad campaigns with external agencies
  • Allow remote employees to participate in monthly video town hall meetings