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BlueJeans for Manufacturing

Producing efficient business

Connect Sites

In the manufacturing world, you have numerous sites, in addition to Corporate, to stay in close contact with. BlueJeans makes that incredibly easy with multi-party, multi-platform meetings.

Go Mobile

BlueJeans lets you take your meetings with you, wherever you are. Whether you need to loop a remote worker into a plant inspection or attend a video meeting from the road, you’re covered.

Share Content

Manufacturing is all about efficiency, and staying on top of the numbers is a daily occurrence. Keep everyone in the loop by sharing presentations, spreadsheets, and even videos during BlueJeans meetings.

Manage Key Relationships

Suppliers and customers are both crucial to successful operations. Use BlueJeans to connect externally from any platform to any other and leverage the value of face-to-face.

Companies in the Manufacturing Industry are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Conduct onsite plant inspections through the BlueJeans mobile app
  • Increase face-to-face communication between Quality Control and R&D, which have offices spread across Europe, while limiting travel to sites
  • Connect room systems across multiple offices and share presentations
  • Engage with numerous people on different platforms internally or externally through Lync
  • Have tighter communication with customers and suppliers
  • Meet with high-profile clients regardless of their room system, or if they are dialing from a desktop
  • Hold ad-hoc meetings with clients to leverage "face-to-face" and also to get greater value from their room system
  • Develop an all-in-one videoconferencing solution for C-level executives