Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission - to make the world more open and connected. Fast forward eight years and that mission has been realized, with billions of people connecting around the globe, sharing life events, big and small and world history captured, and shared on FB for generations to come. It is for this reason why here at Blue Jeans Network we are so proud to see one of our customers have such great success. 

Like most folks in Silicon Valley (or the country or the world), I've had Facebook on my mind this week. It is simply amazing to see a company grow so quickly to the point of being valued at great than 100B; larger than companies like Amazon, VISA and McDonalds. No, it is not all the annoying socialcam posts that is engaging users, it is moments like those outlined in the video below that have really made a difference for both employees of facebook and their customers. 

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Last night, on the eve of the FB IOP, I re-read the letter from Mark Zuckerberg which was included as part of their initial filing earlier this year. It is definitely  worth reading in it's entirety, but the following paragraph really resonated with me:

At Facebook, we're inspired by technologies that have revolutionized how people spread and consume information. We often talk about inventions like the printing press and the television - by simply making communication more efficient, they led to a complete transformation of many important parts of society. They gave more people a voice. They encouraged progress. They changed the way society was organized. They brought us closer together.

With this morning's IPO Facebook has entered the reality of being a public company. Here's to hoping they can stay aligned with their vision and continue to reap the financial rewards for being open and connected.

Note: Facebook, a customer of Blue Jeans Network, uses the video conferencing service for internal communication and collaboration. You can see an example of one of Facebook's use cases for the Blue Jeans service in the embedded video as well as learn more by reading the Facebook case study.