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State of the Modern Meeting:
Commutes and Conference Rooms No Longer Required

Inaugural Report Shows Today’s Meetings are Mobile, Flexible and International

Blue Jeans Network today introduced The State of the Modern Meeting, its inaugural report benchmarking trends in collaboration and demonstrating how technology is reshaping meetings. The report reveals that people are joining meetings from anywhere and everywhere and that women are leading the charge. In an era of global teams and remote workers, the loss of in-person communication may take a toll on collaboration and connectivity.

Blue Jeans, a cloud-based video collaboration service, makes meetings engaging, personal and effective by connecting people face-to-face from practically any device. As we evolve the way we work, Blue Jeans data reveals key trends in modern meetings:

Top 7 Tips for Running a Successful Modern Meeting

From Singapore to San Francisco meetings are a staple of professional life. In fact, many of us spend nearly half of our day in meetings. Thanks to technology, the modern meeting is not limited to time, day or place. New data from Blue Jeans Networks show that one in 10 meetings are held on the weekends and people join meetings 77% of the time from the comfort of their own laptop or desktop.

While the modern meeting has gained from 21st century collaboration, inefficiencies remain which can cost time and money. Too many meetings today leave participants frustrated by the lack of tangible results, bored and disengaged. Below are 5 tips for making your meetings matter.

Remember that the eyes have it.

Teleconferencing saves time and travel but loses the human connection. Studies show that making a visual connection improves communication and collaboration. In an era of distributed teams and remote workers a visual connection can overcome the barriers of distance and facilitate team bonding. But you don’t have to pull a Marisa Mayer and order remote workers back to the office. Video enabled conferencing is a simple way to establish a visual connection when you can’t be face to face.

Plan to succeed.

A great meeting begins with a great plan. Have a purpose for your meeting. Is the meeting to provide information, solve a specific problem, or work through tasks? Define your objectives for the meeting in advance and develop a tightly focused agenda. Provide the agenda to attendees in advance with clear expectations.

It’s all about timing.

In real estate it’s all about location, but when it comes to meetings timing matters. Be strategic in picking the best time, date and place for a productive meeting. Forget Monday overload and schedule meetings later in the week, as 61 percent of meetings take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Plan your meeting for mid-day, 49 percent of meetings take place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., to allow people to get work done in the morning and afternoon. Evenings and weekends are not off limits but use these times judiciously.

Less talk, more action.

Ditch time sucking meetings for actionable sessions that get results. Share information such as previous meeting minutes or project updates in advance of the meeting. Using email is an efficient way to distribute information and complete prep work so that attendees show up ready to dive into the essential agenda items.

Save the doughnuts, take a walk.

Get out of the conference room and hold meetings in non-traditional places. Have a meeting in a park, museum or even a building lobby. The change of physical space can energize creativity and enhance collaboration. You can still connect with remote attendees through video-enabled mobile devices – ask them to pick a new spot for the meeting as well. For an even bigger boost follow the lead of great thinkers like Aristotle and Steve Jobs and hold a walking meeting.

You can be on the road AND in the meeting.

The modern meeting is a critical communication tool with people connecting on the road, in the air and across time zones. Thirty percent of meeting participants join meetings from video enabled mobile devices and nighttime meetings are all about the app with 25 percent more participants joining via mobile apps at 8 p.m. vs. 7 p.m. Transform a meeting into a meet up by incorporating a visual connection. Video meetings can happen from any device and can expedite your agenda while maximizing collaboration.

Make sure everyone has a voice.

Limit participants to only those who need to be there, and brief others via email. A meeting with essential participants will ensure that you optimize the time. A meeting should not feel like a filibuster but a team effort. Give everyone a role to facilitate engagement and ensure that all participants have a voice.


With a little pre-planning, creativity and incorporation of modern technology, meetings can be more than a staple of work life but a modern marvel of productivity.


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