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BlueJeans for Legal

Helping you put clients first

Clients First

Clients are demanding. You can use BlueJeans to deliver the high-touch experience they expect. Use anything from a room system, to a laptop, to a mobile phone to connect and take care of business.

Go Mobile

In the legal world, you’re always on call. With BlueJeans, you can have a videoconference right from your mobile phone, helping you to live flexibly and function outside of the office.

Stay Flexible

You can schedule, host or join meetings from whatever video endpoint you have—even from a standard web browser. Your clients can too, making connecting simple and convenient.

Save Time

Minimize a 5-minute conversation to a 5-minute commitment. Spending time in transit for a quick conversation makes no sense. Get the value of face-to-face with BlueJeans

Companies in the Legal Industry are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Empower partners across multiple offices to engage face-to-face more often
  • Allow candidates in law school to interview for positions and internships by connecting to the firm's room system through Web browsers
  • Enable people working from home to connect to interoffice meetings
  • Meet with witnesses before trial to prep them
  • Connect lawyers, executives, and HR staff both internally and externally for client meetings
  • Consolidate to a single desktop solution that connects employees to coworkers and clients
  • Record and transcribe out-of-court depositions with witnesses and concerned parties
  • Hold monthly E-Staff meetings between executives spread across North America and Europe
  • Set up recurring weekly calls that incorporate room systems and interoperate with browsers
  • Replace an MCU for both internal and external room system calls and add the flexibility to connect with a browser endpoint

Customer Testimonials

BlueJeans has transformed the way we meet. Whether it is internal meetings among our 15 locations or meetings with clients, BlueJeans’ self-serve model and ease-of-use mean more productive meetings and less strain on our IT resources and budget. BlueJeans is reliable, grows with us, and has become an indispensable tool for collaboration both inside and outside the organization.
Mark Coupe, Telecommunications Engineer

Edwards Wildman & Palmer, LLC

BlueJeans allows us to have more video conferences with our clients with less hassle. From an IT perspective, we find tremendous value in the ease with which BlueJeans helps us accommodate our users while letting us maintain control over how video is used in the organization. We use BlueJeans most every day which has made it a better value than we initially expected.
Jerry Stucki, Office Services Manager, IT
Fenwick & West LLP