Senior QA Engineer - System Testing

Bangalore, India

About the role

People on this team will be part of end to end QA responsible for system quality. You’ll partner with micro engineering teams to identify test dependencies, risks, estimate remaining work, and generally improve the last mile QA craft. You’ll be a passionate catalyst for Quality that results from customer inputs, team’s iteration and retrospectives. You’ll balance the competing demands between adding new capabilities and paying down technical debt to ensure our long term goals are not at risk as we deliver code with best quality. Everything is secondary to the customer experience, we expect you to have a keen sense of how your tests and test code will impact the experience in terms of performance, high availability, security and usability.


About you

As test engineer in System Test you will be expected to ensure the BlueJeans meeting solution meets functionality, performance, stability, stress and reliability requirements. In your role as System test engineer you will work to simulate customer use case scenarios and identify crucial bugs that are difficult to be found during regular testing cycles. You are an outstanding communicator, both verbally and in writing. When needed, you lean in to having difficult conversations with people to resolve a situation and do what is right for product quality.

You’re really good at connecting disparate feature goals to the system functioning making “Quality as differentiator” for our products.