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BlueJeans is device and network agnostic and compatible with all popular business and consumer video conferencing systems. These include room systems (Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize), desktop solutions (browsers, Lync Jabber) and mobile devices.


Since BlueJeans runs completely in the cloud, there is no hardware or software to buy, install and manage. Without the need for a hardware Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU), you can increase capacity by simply adding licenses or virtual ports when you need them.


BlueJeans delivers enterprise-grade security to protect your company. With Firewall / NAT traversal and encrypted meetings—even in a multi-vendor environment—you can meet with confidence. User privacy is also protected with temporary meeting IDs so no "buddy information" is shared.

Rapid Deployment

Utilize a centralized admin console to add and manage users, as well as set access permissions and passwords. BlueJeans also supports single sign-on (SSO) and integrates seamlessly into your Outlook or Google calendar for easy scheduling.

IT departments are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Replace an MCU for both internal and external room system calls and add the flexibility to connect with a browser endpoint
  • Enable instant meetings through web browsers, enabling effortless collaboration between employees
  • Troubleshoot employee technology set-up issues with screen sharing and face-to-face support
  • Route video calls through BlueJeans' points of presence around the world rather than being forced to go through corporate HQ in Northern California
  • Add bring-your-own-device interoperability with Microsoft Lync
  • Scale existing MCU capacity by leveraging BlueJeans' cloud-based platform
  • Consolidate to a single desktop solution that connects employees to coworkers and clients
  • Enable people working from home to connect to interoffice meetings
  • Increase face-to-face communication between teams in India and HQ in the US, while limiting travel to sites

Customer Testimonials

With BlueJeans, a meeting is just a meeting. Users simply schedule a meeting -- not an audio conference, web conference or video meeting. With BlueJeans it all comes together under one platform, and best of all, everyone is happy! Ashley Azzopardi, Principal Advanced Communications Engineer
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Every aspect of our business is visual, and having the ability to see each other, collaborate on a project and build a meaningful connection improves the process of working together and with our clients.Heather Potter, Vice President, IT Planning and Special Projects
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Blue State Digital
BlueJeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the user interface is simple. It's really everything I want out of a conferencing system. It works so well for me that it recedes into the background and I never think about it, and I always prefer BlueJeans over everything else, even Skype.Rich Mintz, Executive Vice President

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