Video conferencing systems have been around for decades, but advances in technology have made video conferencing a more convenient, more economically viable solution for businesses. Even better news? It's only going to get better in the future.

In the beginning, conferencing platforms were linked to physical phone lines. As Blue Jeans operates from the cloud, it's difficult to even draw comparisons between the technology of today and that of yesteryear. With virtually unlimited functionality, video conferencing is reducing the significance of geography, and connecting people around the world in tangible ways like never before.

Integrated Solutions

Rather than a constant need for new technology and hardware, Blue Jeans provides integrated tools. Accessible by browser, mobile device, or room system, Blue Jeans is the video conferencing solution that plays well with others. Virtual collaboration requires individuals to communicate with a variety of clients and colleagues, not just those that use the same operating systems and software packages that they do.

Solutions like Blue Jeans can connect with other popular video platforms such as Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts and many more.

Global Mobility

Technology and globalization go hand in hand. As the economy grows increasingly interconnected, it's vital for businesses to maintain a global focus as they plan for the future. Video conferencing allows businesses to reduce reliance on travel while maintaining strong communications between internationally located clients. Face to face communication can be a remarkably effective way to retain business with regular, cost-effective meetings.

Up in the Cloud

More and more businesses are shifting towards cloud-based systems for their operations, whether it's file storage, processing, or video conferencing. With the help of the cloud-based solutions, expensive hardware and other infrastructure becomes unnecessary. At the same time, the organizations can maximize their potential by working with a secure and reliable video conferencing system.

Regardless of what device you might own, all it needs to support video conferencing is a camera, microphone and an internet connection. With 58% of American adults already possessing a smartphone, and that percentage sure to keep rising, there will be no need for businesses to invest in expensive equipment in the future.

Blue Jeans is leading the way to a brighter future for businesses.