At Blue Jeans, I work on developing partnerships and programs that improve our customer experience and specifically the ROI of your investment with Blue Jeans. Today, I’m pleased to highlight our SSO Solution Center & Knowledge Base that we’ve put together. This is part of our focus on ease of use for IT Administrators when it comes to deploying and managing Blue Jeans to their organization and groups via Single Sign-On (SSO). You can connect and manage Blue Jeans via ADFS, or SSO vendors such as Okta, OneLogin, or Ping, to name a few, that employs SAML. For your users, it means a consistent log on process whether it’s into their computer, file sharing services, or Blue Jeans.

What does this mean for you and Blue Jeans? For customers that leverage SSO, we’ve seen an average of 15x jump in users of Blue Jeans and an 8x increase in meetings held. The direct benefits are clear: from ease of deployment and user management, successful rollouts, and faster & greater ROI. Whether IdP or SP is your cup of tea, not a problem! As your company grows, you can easily add more employees to Blue Jeans – so that they can start being effective faster. We have found this to be quite popular for our large enterprise customers with thousands of employees in different lines of business.

If you already work with an SSO vendor and are considering Blue Jeans, your evaluation is that much easier because you can manage access for your group of test users. For existing Blue Jeans customers, we’ve seen faster and better-managed deployments with customers who use SSO, and a faster ROI of your Blue Jeans service since more employees are using it faster. And if you’re evaluating an SSO solution, our partners listed in the SSO Solution Center are happy to help.

Feel free to contact your Sales Rep or Customer Success Manager if you have any questions. We’re always open to hearing of your thoughts on how connecting to Blue Jeans can be easier, so if there’s anything we’ve missed, please let us know in our Customer Community

Until next time,

Richard Yan, Platform, Business Development