Overcoming Obstacles to Online Video Conferences

Online video conferencing has come a long way, but despite that progress, there was a time when almost everyone – from IT managers to end users – found video conferencing time consuming, frustrating, and even intimidating. Times have changed. People who meet face-to-face on a daily basis using video conferencing have been able to foster better business relationships by overcoming their video fears.

Remote online video conference calling


While there will always be technical difficulties to overcome with any technology, it’s important to understand that modern era online video conference services are largely cloud-based and have evolved to where anyone, by following a few simple steps, can join their own video meeting. For instance, BlueJeans video conferencing works with a variety of existing hardwares and embraces the way people actually prefer to communicate.


You no longer have to get frustrated or be intimidated by joining an online video conference. BlueJeans simplifies video conferencing by making it available to anyone with an internet connection, an account, and a smart device. The online video conferencing boom is supporting worldwide, anytime collaboration, with no additional hardware needed, while also saving on travel and accommodation costs.

It’s easy to hold video conferences with colleagues, partners, and customers. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to BlueJeans - creating an account takes about two minutes.
  2. Enter your meeting - this can be done from virtually any device.
  3. Invite anyone - participants will receive a URL to launch the meeting.
  4. Choose your video connection - you are given a choice of which device and video platform to connect with.
  5. Control your video conferences - automatically send and receive video.
  6. This includes recording your meeting, sharing content, sending group chats, changing your layout, zooming, and much more.
  7. Take a BlueJeans account, combine it with a video-enabled device, and you’re all set to experience better online video conferencing. 

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