BlueJeans Video Conferences for HipChat

BlueJeans for HipChat

Instantly move from Chat to Multi-Party
Video Communications


Enable robust video communications for your enterprise with BlueJeans for HipChat. HipChat users can instantly escalate from messaging to high definition video communications with rich content & video sharing options. There's no need to leave Hipchat to host a meeting. Simply click on "Meet Now on BlueJeans" and join with full moderator controls. Teammates or guests can simply click on the BlueJeans meeting link in HipChat to join.

Participants can:

  • Launch and join meetings from any HipChat room
  • Create unlimited BlueJeans meetings
  • Manage other participants with full moderator controls (as hosts)


  • HD video meetings with up to 100 interactive participants
  • True scalable cloud video solution: No on-premise hardware to purchase, support or manage
  • No BlueJeans download or installation required for Google Chrome and Chromebooks


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