HD Video: Share Clips Within the Conference

It's hard to argue the effectiveness of the physical conference room when it comes to etching out a project plan or having a productive collaboration session to polish a deliverable. However, for many businesses with employees spread across diverse regions, time zones and offices, having a video share conferencing system that is convenient, resource-saving and offers tools to make communication as clear as possible can bridge the remote gap.

If you're one of the 94% of people who believe face-to-face communications improve business relationships, yet have to depend on dispersed employees working together on a regular basis, a high-quality video-share collaboration platform is your answer to increased productivity and results.

Find out how Blue Jeans video sharing platform keeps companies nimble and budget friendly while promoting clear communication below.

Repurposing the Old

Taking a quick glance around your company's office probably yields several relics of defunct conferencing equipment. But since Blue Jeans cloud platform operates with a wide list of endpoints, you can repurpose your old equipment without having to buy additional infrastructure.

Companies that take advantage of Blue Jeans cloud-based video bridging save 75% over a five-year period compared to owning hardware based MCU equipment. Plus with everything based in the cloud, deployment is instant, and doesn't require the support of IT staff. Our flexible cloud model also lets companies scale to their needs.

Simply add or decrease the number of virtual ports and subscriptions whenever the amount of access points you need changes. No more long-term guesses or one-time hardware purchasing choices with our agile scaling as you go platform.

Dual Streaming Clarity

A huge problem with web conferencing is not being able to see your colleagues or clients when having an in-depth discussion or going over feedback on a deliverable. Our video share platform offers dual streaming support to keep presenters and any shared content in adjustable viewing windows.

Synchronous video playback also keeps everyone on the same page with all participants seeing clips at the same rate, no matter their endpoint. Enjoy video sharing in up to 1080p HD resolution while seeing reactions from participants as they happen. You'll feel like you never left the conference room.

Convenient Full Scale Support

Not only is sharing video effective with Blue Jeans, it is also quite easy. With a long list of supported video file types and no external media players required, sharing and watching video content is as simple as logging into your meeting. Upload your video files ahead of your meeting for quick in-sharing access, and enjoy up to 50 GBs of storage on your Blue Jeans cloud account. Users can delete meeting clips at any time and all shared videos or content is AES-128 encrypted.

Think you're ready to power your company with Blue Jeans? Sign up for an unlimited two-week free trial of our video share and collaboration platform today!