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Fostering a Collaborative Culture with Video

Facebook enables over 6,000 employees in 50 countries to stay connected by giving each employee access to online video meetings. By hosting everything from product meetings to sales forecasting calls over video, they are able to have productive discussions while preserving their culture.


Helping Technology Companies Stay on the Cutting Edge of Innovation

 With BlueJeans, a meeting is just a meeting. Users simply schedule a meeting—not an audio conference, web conference or video meeting. With BlueJeans it all comes together under one platform, and best of all, everyone is happy.  Ashley Azzopardi, Red Hat

Customers Include:

  • Leaders in software, Internet, online advertising, gaming, and social media
  • 10 of the top 20 tech companies by market cap
  • 25 of the Silicon Valley 150 tech companies

Over 150 technology companies are using BlueJeans to enable engaging, online interactions with co-workers, customers and partners.

Why BlueJeans Works for Tech Companies

Tech companies are using BlueJeans to build connected, collaborative organizations—from the executive level to specific functions and teams. The ability to meet face to face from literally anywhere with an Internet connection has opened up a whole new world of use cases and has enabled the transfer of cultural values outside of headquarters.

Team Collaboration
Employees use video meetings to enhance face-to-face collaboration with teammates in various locations, often in place of traditional web and audio conferencing solutions

Customer and Partner Meetings
Companies use BlueJeans to host meetings with external parties who can easily join from a web browser, without downloading a dedicated application

Always-On Hotwalls
Innovative organizations are setting up 24/7 hotwalls to connect multiple offices for cross-company collaboration and culture sharing

All-Hands Meetings
Executives and team leaders host staff meetings and company updates over BlueJeans because it’s collaborative and easy for everyone to join

Engineering Scrums
Engineering teams using Agile Project Management have daily check-ins to review status, often off-hours and with global teams

HR and recruiting professionals set up video interviews to cut travel costs, reduce time to hire, and judge culture fit more effectively than over the phone; the web browser endpoint enables a simple experience for the candidate

Selling over Video
Progressive sales teams are utilizing video calls to build relationships with clients and demo products

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