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BlueJeans for Non-Profit

Helping you stay connected

Expand Outreach

Training constituents or employees is easy with BlueJeans. Instead of driving or flying to rural locations, simply connect with your people in the field through any video-enabled device and deliver the latest training via video.

Present ideas, field questions and watch creativity, innovation and impact come to life. BlueJeans takes care of the interoperability so you and your IT resources don’t have to.

Improve Donor Pitches

Most nonprofit organizations rely on donor funding to bring ideas, campaigns and projects forward.

By enabling face-to-face video interactions, BlueJeans can turn your pitch into a more powerful and compelling experience that stands out from the crowd and helps you win more contributions for your cause.

Reduced Travel Costs

Convene busy board members in the cloud to advise your organization, without worrying about what device or network they’re using.

BlueJeans works on almost every business or consumer video-enabled device, from any location. And reduced travel means a lower carbon footprint, so you can benefit the environment while championing your cause.

Non-profit organizations are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Resurrect room systems that were given away to grantees by connecting them together
  • Collaborate amongst 67 offices around the world and external stakeholders with video meetings
  • Bridge internal room systems with participants on Web browsers working remotely in the field
  • Communicate with grantees and applicants for charter grants without needing to travel or fly
  • Enable collaboration between developers worldwide who are making an iPhone app for the foundation
  • Add additional ports to their capped-out MCU and connect clinics in the field
  • Host meetings with high-profile clients to discuss grantees, applications and funds

Customer Testimonials

GAVI Alliance is a public-private partnership focused on saving children's lives and protecting people's health by increasing access to immunization in poor countries. As a non-profit organization GAVI strives to optimize costs without sacrificing quality and looked to BlueJeans to provide a collaboration platform that would meet their needs.


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