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How BlueJeans Works

With our cloud-based video collaboration service, you can forget about needing any additional hardware or software. Simply combine a BlueJeans account with a video-enabled device and Internet access, and you have a quick and easy formula for effortless video conferencing!

Log in to BlueJeans

Sign in to your BlueJeans account online. Creating an account is easy and only takes 2 minutes.

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Enter Your Meeting

Whether you are initiating a pre-scheduled meeting or starting an ad-hoc one, you can do it right through your browser.

Invite Anyone from Any(ware)!

Leverage your contacts and choose people inside or outside of your organization to invite to your meeting. All participants receive a URL that launches the meeting within their browser.

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Choose Your Video Connection

Before entering, you are given a choice of which device (Computer, Room System, Phone, Mobile) and video platform (Browser, Lync, Mobile App, and more) you would like to connect with.

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Control Your Meeting

Once in your meeting, you automatically send and receive video. You can also use the same interface to control your meeting experience. This includes recording your meeting, sharing content, sending group chats, changing your viewing layout, zooming and much more.

Enjoy Video Collaboration without Boundaries!

Join thousands of customers in over 200 countries collaborating more effectively thanks to BlueJeans.

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