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The global telemedicine market is expected to expand 14 percent each year through 2020. And no wonder. Through real-time video technology, telemedicine offers profound convenience and a personalized healthcare experience to patients regardless of location.
Emergency Consult

Emergency consult

BlueJeans connects emergency responders with medical specialists for consults, regardless of location, and with no need to travel. All parties can connect securely to the same meeting from any device. This ease of access results in quicker, more effective treatment and better outcomes for patients.

Continue education

BlueJeans video communications allows healthcare professionals to offer continuing education programs to attendees in multiple locations. Doctors can share learnings face-to-face with their peers at other clinics from the device of their choosing. One click meetings mean users are self sufficient.
Continue Education
Add the human touch

Alleviate IT burden

With real-time and historical information about in-meeting activities and quality metrics, BlueJeans Command Center gives helpdesk personnel, IT staff, and senior leadership the resources they need to understand utilization, identify and solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Virtual treatment

BlueJeans video communications allows providers to offer medical consults for patients who lack local access, or who may be reluctant or unable to keep appointments at their provider’s office. Connect patients to appointments over video so they can successfully recover from ailments, both physically and mentally.
Virtual Treatment
There’s almost nothing we aren’t using BlueJeans for—having the ability to see really helps with clinical decision making rather than just having a voice call.

Malania Calugas
AV Telemedicine, Seattle Children’s Hospital
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