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Go beyond
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Cloud-based video communications
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Shake off geographic constraints

In an increasingly globalized environment, it can be hard to synchronize far-flung teams. With BlueJeans, you can securely connect offices and people with no need for bulky equipment. Build trust and increase productivity with face-to-face video communications from BlueJeans.

Share knowledge

The secret to a team that works like clockwork is the human touch. Phone and email alone don’t cut it. BlueJeans enables seamless content sharing in face-to-face video meetings. Share spreadsheets, presentations and even videos with one another. See how a truly connected team delivers.
BlueJeans Share Knowledge
Add the human touch

Add the human touch

In the shift from brick and mortar branches to online banking, you lose the all-important human touch. Modern consumers want personalized experiences that matter. Embed BlueJeans video platform in your online app, and offer customers secure, face-to-face contact from anywhere.

Alleviate IT burden

With real-time and historical information about in-meeting activities and quality metrics, BlueJeans Command Center gives helpdesk personnel, IT staff, and senior leadership the resources they need to understand utilization, identify and solve problems, and make informed decisions.
Alleviate IT burden
Marcos Lopez
CEO, Solium
We want to have a video-based culture at Solium. It’s more collaborative, more efficient and more engaging than any other medium. BlueJeans has solved the historical problems of making video easy, accessible and secure. It works extremely well for us as communication tool, enabling us to engage all of our employees quickly and efficiently.
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