Web Based Training

When you take advantage of Blue Jeans video conferencing, you can easily train your global staff in unified sessions to ensure synchronicity, cohesion, and consistency across all locations. With the capacity to support up to 25 distinct endpoints in standard meetings, and up to 100 endpoints with our Large Meetings add-on feature, you can virtually your entire team in one convenience video meeting.

Let's take a look at some of the ways in which users are leveraging Blue Jeans to improve their web based training programs.

Sales Team Training

For sales teams, training is essential to getting results. On average, organizations that used sales training saw an 8.4% reduction in their sales cycle on year-over-year basis. With Blue Jeans, that sales training is accessible without requiring travel. And with rich content sharing, it's easy to illustrate concepts and disseminate materials within the meeting.

Compliance Education

In the Human Resources realm, there is an abundance of opportunities in which web based training can be useful. In any industry, standards and regulations are bound to change over time. When you have access to Blue Jeans, you can easily and regularly update your employees on the most recent changes in the industry.

Development Training

In addition to regulation compliance, your employees can benefit from development training over video conference as well. On average, investing just $1,500 in development training per employee can result in 24% higher gross profit margins, as well as improve employee retention rates. Why not conveniently deliver that development training with Blue Jeans?

Non-Profit Volunteer Training

Training employees and volunteers is easy with Blue Jeans. Web based training over video conference allows non-profits to train their new recruits without using valuable financial resources, letting organizations focus their budgets toward making an impactful change in the world. Organizations can train volunteers in rural locations or deliver the latest update on donor pitches and local regulations

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