Taking the Next Step with Virtual Online Meetings

Face-to-face online meetings play a crucial role in running an organization. But this usually requires people to travel, which can be expensive and time-consuming. BlueJeans offers an answer to this problem with its virtual online meetings platform that combines web and video conferencing in one simple solution. With BlueJeans, it's possible to join online meetings from a video conferencing unit in a corporate office, your desk at home or a mobile device. Now, your distributed team members can meet as often as they want using BlueJeans video conferencing.

Improve Team Communication

Many organizations have invested in video conferencing infrastructure in an effort to conduct face-to-face meetings among their remote workforce. Unfortunately, most of these companies find that traditional video conferencing equipment is no longer adequate to meet today's communication challenges because it confines the meeting to the board room or conference room. This makes such equipment often inaccessible to remote workers.

Moreover, advance booking is usually needed for meeting venues and participants need to leave their desks to attend the meeting. For busy and on-the-go executives and employees, it can be quite difficult to adjust schedules in order to take part in meetings. This is why modern organizations are embracing online meetings and deploying the technology across their offices and dispersed workers.

Make your most valuable asset – your people – more effective by improving how they communicate and work together despite the unique challenges of working remotely. Blue Jeans video conferencing platform offers fantastic support so you can adapt to different working practices to meet the diverse communication needs of your organization.

Benefits of Virtual Meeting

Using online meetings, you can:

  • Connect with colleagues, partners or customers face-to-face regardless of differences in location.
  • Join meetings from anywhere whether you're at home, at the office or on the road.
  • Share files, videos and applications in real-time through easy-to-use collaboration tools.
  • Participate using your existing video room system.
  • Call for emergency meetings whenever needed since people can join from their own devices.
  • Increase workforce productivity.
  • Minimize travel-related costs and hassles.
  • Reduce your organization's carbon emissions.

Why Choose Blue Jeans?

  • Easy to Deploy: Our cloud-based video conferencing technology is not intimidating. Organizations don't have to worry about installing, managing and supporting it on their own. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing anyone to quickly connect with other people anywhere and begin communicating using video. Easy to use and intuitive, all that's needed to join a Blue Jeans meeting is video-enabled device with Internet access. With just a few clicks, a team manager can schedule, host and control a virtual meeting, while members can join without costly infrastructure or difficult configuration.
  • Interoperable: Blue Jeans works with up to 25 different video conferencing endpoints in a single virtual meeting so all participants can connect using any platform they choose. Connect using a web browser or a room system such as Cisco, Lifesize or Polycom. Blue Jeans is also compatible with Microsoft Lync and Google Video Chat. You can also connect using your mobile device or even a landline phone
  • Affordable: With Blue Jeans solutions, organizations can experience the benefits of robust video conferencing at price points near the range of audio conferencing rates. Our interoperable services also offer an important cost advantage by leveraging an organization's existing systems instead of requiring new investment on equipment that would also be costly to deploy and manage..
  • Scalable: Traditional video conferencing systems require a fixed investment on maximum capacity, whether or not there will be a constant need for it. This old model is not business-friendly, so we offer a dynamic solution that ensures you will not overinvest. We adapt to your changing needs, allowing flexible port allocation so you can use only what you need. We support an unlimited number of simultaneous meetings with the ability to operate with your existing MCU when you need extra capacity.

Ways to Use Virtual Meetings

You can use our video conferencing solutions throughout your organization to get the benefits of online meetings. From boardroom meetings and presentations to team project collaborations, virtual meetings are valuable tools for the successful functioning of a dispersed organization.

  • Executive officials can give overall direction to a remote workforce.
  • Executive management can share data in real-time for quicker decision making.
  • Teams can collaborate on jobs and projects.
  • Trainings or classes can be conducted for remote participants.
  • Emergency meetings can be held to address critical issues.
  • Works-in-progress can be reviewed conveniently.
  • Sales teams can conduct product demos to potential out-of-town customers.
  • Businesses can meet with clients and share presentations.

Virtual Meeting Made Easy

Blue Jeans' video conferencing solutions offer the best support for your online meetings. Our tools are easy and effective with the ability to connect you using the device you already have, without needing to purchase hardware or software. Find out how Blue Jeans can help you push the boundaries of online meetings in your organization. Get in touch with us today.