Easily Set Up Online Video Meetings With BlueJeans

BlueJeans makes it easy to schedule and launch video meetings from any device.


The right video meeting software can change how your organization does business. In a world where workers are often remote, it takes the right communications platform to get everyone on the same page. After all, you can’t ask people to drive or fly to your office every single time you need to have an important meeting. Here’s the good news: Hosting enterprise video meetings with BlueJeans couldn’t be easier.

No Hassle or Travel: Meet Face-to-Face With Virtual Meetings

BlueJeans Network’s cloud-based video meeting app simplifies the very act of scheduling a meeting. You can collaborate anytime, anywhere, using any video-enabled device with an internet connection using our interoperable video meeting software. Setting up and scheduling a meeting is simple. All you have to do is pick a time; enter the email addresses of invitees; and click to confirm! Security, privacy and usability settings are all easily customizable for each online video meeting you hold. Suddenly you’re one step closer to seamless HD video communication.

Online Video Meetings Are All About Convenience

BlueJeans online video meetings are easy to schedule, launch and join. Key features include:
- Cloud-based platform (forget about cumbersome servers and software updates)
- HD Screen Sharing (share documents, slideshows, reports and HD video clips instantly)
- Compatibility with both iOS and Android video meeting apps
- Calendar, email and messaging app integration (click link to join video meetings)
- Security features (encryption, network firewalls and SOC 2 standards)

Scale Your Online Meetings With Video Meeting Software

BlueJeans video meeting software includes features that can service companies of all sizes. Need to schedule and host video meetings for thousands? Try Primetime. Want to equip your small conference room? Use Huddle. Want to stream your meetings on Facebook Live? Try onSocial. Or start with our classic onVideo service for meetings from one to 100 people. See all products here.

Ready to start scheduling and attending online video meetings on the go? Start your free trial.