Group Video Messaging For Businesses

Many organizations are using group video chats and messaging for several tasks that are crucial to business success. Many businesses still think that group video messaging is only for teenagers. Granted, group video messaging does have its place in the teenage world. However, it can also be used in many different ways to improve the reach and personality of a company.

Hiring and Retention

Video messaging improves a company's ability to not only attract top talent, but also keep them. The traditional hiring process was a costly and lengthy endeavor, especially when prospective employees were located in distant cities or more than one person was being interviewed.

But those businesses utilizing video messaging software like that offered via Blue Jeans have seen their expenses being significantly reduced. As well, they have been able to lessen the time it takes them to interview prospective employees. Instead of travel having to occur from an interviewee's home to the office, they need only to visit the nearest office to be interviewed via video conference.

Conferencing via video has also been observed to improve cooperation between employees, as those working from remote locations can use video to get closer with their team members. As well, the ability for remote employees to video conference means that work/life balance can be maintained, which translates into less stress and fewer sick days.

Team Productivity

When a company has more than one team, and those teams are distributed across large areas, it can mean that communication is vague or non-existent. With the addition of video messaging from Blue Jeans, however, this becomes a thing of the past. No longer does one team have to wonder what the other is doing; now, they can interact more richly, as video messaging provides teams with the non-verbal visual cues that make up eighty percent of communication.

The focus of meeting participants is also heightened when video messaging is introduced. This is because video conference technology allows participants to be both seen and heard by other participants. This means more productivity, faster completion of projects, and more informed and quicker decisions being made.

The Business Edge

Where it comes to securing and sustaining competitive advantage, video messaging from Blue Jeans can get it done. This technology allows a multitude of ways that a company can go to not only create a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but also retain that advantage over the long term. The increased communication, higher meeting participation and the wider sharing of knowledge are just a few of the elements that contribute to a smaller time frame when getting products and services to market, and Blue Jeans video messaging software is the tool that today's teams are using.

Where support staff is concerned, the ability to communicate with customers via video is absolutely priceless. Video goes beyond phone queues and call center agents to bring the customer closer to the company with a more personal relationship than a phone call could ever develop. Those businesses in the manufacturing industry are using video to revise their products, conduct quality control, and confirm accuracy throughout their supply chains.

Those working in the public relations divisions of companies use video software to promote the company further and advertise it as an innovative and current organization. As well, the fact that video messaging is far more environmentally friendly than other methods of communication indicates another benefit that PR can promote.

The Cost of Travel

It used to be that salespeople in a company would need to travel in order to make the most of new opportunities in the market. Not so with video messaging technology from Blue Jeans. Face-to-face interaction can now occur online with partners, customers and colleagues, with nothing being lost, as is so often the case when emails or text messages are sent.

Of course, the value of live meetings cannot be duplicated with video. Indeed, travel may still be necessary in order for a company to make a solid connection with business partners, suppliers or customers. But the added costs of business trips -- hotels, food, fuel and the like -- can definitely be greatly reduced when salespeople are able to communicate via video.

Today's video messaging software is free of poor quality, unreliable connectivity and confusing control panels. Today's online meeting participants enjoy high-definition video, which allows them to have as close as possible of a real-time experience without actually having to be there.

When trying to add up the savings and ROI of video messaging, the first place to look is at travel, as this is definitely the first cost to be greatly reduced. This number is arrived at by calculating how many trips are taken by staff on an annual basis, and then multiplying this number by cost to get to a destination. Then, this number only needs to be compared with the cost of investing in video messaging software.