Video Meetings for the Modern Workplace

As more people adopt mobile technologies and work outside a traditional office setting, there hasn't been any better time than now for people and organizations to have the ability to communicate across physical or technical boundaries. Whether for online meetings, video calls, or webinars, BlueJeans offers a powerful video meetings solution to power up your communications strategy. We deliver incredibly rich face-to-face interactions to enable organizations – from government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofits to businesses of all sizes – to increase their productivity.

BlueJeans Video Meetings for Online Collaboration

Maximize the true potential of your online meetings with Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions. Designed to enable face-to-face meetings between remote participants and across a wide range of platforms, Blue Jeans video conferencing technology improves communication and collaboration inside or outside your organization's network. Use Blue Jeans for all your online video meeting needs, from routine checkpoint meetings to project collaboration that requires rich content sharing to mission-critical and real-time decision making. Our high quality technology enables you to work more effectively and efficiently with your team, increase productivity levels and reduce costs.

With Blue Jeans video meetings, you can:

  • Hold or join meetings from anywhere with anyone in high definition.
    We offer a simple but full-featured video conferencing solution to bring HD quality video capability up to 1080p to online video meetings. Anyone with Internet access and a video-enabled device can receive high-definition video conferencing whether they are using their smartphone at home, a conference room video system in the office or a web browser on an iPad. Meet with up to 25 end points per meeting without losing video quality as you add users. Video controls are easy-to-use and intuitive.
  • Meet, collaborate and sell over high-quality video meetings.
    High Definition video conferencing allows quality face-to-face interactions. Use Blue Jeans video meetings for follow-ups, collaborations and sales demonstrations. It's perfect for conducting real-time sales demos for remote prospects and customers. Interact live with employees, managers, vendors or clients to eliminate any miscommunication that can occur with an audio-only meeting. Through online video conferencing, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, peers and customers regardless of distance to develop stronger work or business relationships.
  • Enjoy hassle-free and secure video meetings.
    • Host or join a meeting with just a few clicks.
    • Desktop, room system and mobile device users can all connect to the same Blue Jeans meeting.
    • View a video stream of participants and screen share simultaneously.
    • Change meeting layouts to your preferred view. The video adapts to practically any screen.
    • Enjoy video meetings without installing and configuring proprietary hardware.
    • Video control is available for both moderator and participants.
    • Every web session is highly secure with default encryptions such as H.235, AES, SIP/STRP and SSL.
    • Get the best-possible meeting experience every time. Blue Jeans leverages computing architecture in the cloud for minimal latency and to optimize video streaming for each participant up to 720p at 30fps.

Blue Jeans Video Meetings for Online Trainings

Our video conferencing service provides a complete cloud-based solution for conducting training on virtually any device to save time and costs. Make training sessions accessible to any of your employees or team members from anywhere, at any time, and on their device of choice. Leverage our robust video conferencing features such as content sharing, dual stream support, HD video quality, chat capabilities and others to ensure training is interactive, engaging and effective. Blue Jeans also has a recording feature so sessions can be recorded to be accessed later for the next batch of trainees, for retraining, or to accommodate a distributed workforce that operates on different time zones.

Using Blue Jeans for online training, you can:

  • Quickly and cost-effectively deploy training courses and materials.
  • Improve training attendance by making it easy for anyone with a video-enabled device and Internet connection to join.
  • Create an immersive experience during training whether live or on-demand.
  • Schedule training sessions easily, send invites by email and quickly see all upcoming training meetings at one time.

Blue Jeans Video Meetings for Webinars

Organizations looking for a cost-effective and powerful alternative to traditional webinar systems will find our cloud-based video meeting services the ideal solution. Delivering HD quality video and content sharing.

Using Blue Jeans for webinars, you can:

  • Deliver clear and compelling presentations with HD quality video and content sharing.
  • Share website pages, slideshow presentations, product images and video clips in major industry standard file formats.
  • See audience reaction during presentations with dual stream support.
  • Maximize event attendance with simple passcode entry and the ability to access the meeting via practically any device.
  • Encourage interaction and participation with built-in tools and controls.

Enable more effective video meetings in your organization. Try Blue Jeans video conferencing today and see why we think it is your best option for your business.